Client Service Negligence against American Citizens

Stop Client Negligence and Bad Customer Service, citizens are not a paycheck or addition to your bottom line profits!

 Client Services have faltered throughout the past several years, local service providers, businesses and local government agencies, Lack of client and customer respect has to end!

 A business civil duty is to provide services, they’ve promised to society. Every business has a mission statements which outlines what type of services they’ll be providing to the American public, which is their sole duty to uphold, honor and follow through with their promises reflecting their business model mission statement, explaining the services they will be providing.

 Many service providers local, non local or governmental agencies are failing to provide what their mission statement claims, which is a major issue in today’s society. Their professional services listed should be adhered too the utmost quality as they’ve portrayed in their business plans, mission statements or have communicated to their clients.

 Service providers, agencies and private business owners are running scams against society, by boosting up their advertising and marketing practices to lure the American public to their faulty non respectable services or establishments. Unprofessional bad business practices fall back on the American public, who depend on these services providers in some form or fashion for their health, safety and well being. Why as American citizens do we continually support negligent businesses practices?  

 In many instances, the public has been coerced by false marketing practices, referrals via another business, friends, or family members who may have their own private hidden agendas to profit from by sending citizens to a specific service provider or agency.

 Citizens are finding out they will not be receiving the quality of service or product initially promised, communicated or anticipated! Which has now cost them and their families, Time, Effort and Money? This should be considered a crime against humanity, these service providers are playing with peoples lives by not providing the services they have promised. All of these factors have a huge impact on American households and local communities. Client Service providers and government agencies must be held accountable for falsifying, neglecting and affecting human lives on the service level.

 With all the turmoil in the country American citizens can start doing their part by communicating to the public who these service providers and agencies are, who are not holding true on their business service model outlined in their mission statements, or who are not providing professional quality services to the public they’ve promised to uphold.

 CABIRI, Consumer Advocacy Business Industry Research and Investigations, is starting a new campaign for the American public to start reporting service providers, businesses, and agencies to the public, holding these services providers accountable for their false advertising, fraudulent business practices, Bad Customer Service, False statements, delayed response times, Faulty contract services and Consumer fraud against humanity!   

 Please realize no matter what type of service they are providing it’s their sole duty to provide citizens with professional courteous customer service, products and services. America citizens who do not report negligent service providers, bad business practices or negligent business owners and government entities, are the same citizens impacting and bringing down the American society by not allowing substantial professional service providers to excel in society who really want to help there fellow citizens of America!

 America must remember not all business is good business!

Join in and support CABIRI, with the efforts in stopping Client and Customer Negligence Against humanity, it is the right thing to do for your fellow American!  

 CABIRI – Consumer Advocacy Business Industry Research and Investigations

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