Women Being Denied restraining orders

Palm Beach county 15th Judicial Court, is denying women restraining orders for domestic violence, dating and stalking!

Women depend on these courts for protection against violent spouses, boyfriends and individuals, for them and their children’s

lives. How are these poor women supposed to get protection against these predators, does something drastic have to happen

in order for women to get a restraining order or do they have to die first, before getting help?

This should be addressed immediately for the protection of women’s lives. Being denied protection is no joke to women, where

are they to go for protection if they can’t depend on their local law enforcement and judicial courts to protect them and and their

children lives. Women are suffering in every aspect in today’s world this is just one of many things they have to endure and it has too


Many Men fail to realize, they were brought into this world by a woman, if she didn’t not give him the right to life, many men would

not be in this world now! Start respecting and caring for women lives that gave you life!


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