America’s Interpol International Connections

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United States Interpol Agency has numerous international sponsors, by which many sponsors are top pharmaceutical & biotech companies in the United States. Not only does American’s have to worry about the NSA, the U.S. government and citizens should be concerned with the U.S. Interpol police agency, who’s international connections run deep! In early 2013 the Pharmaceutical Industry Initiative to Combat Crime signed an agreement with 29 of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, giving the U.S. Interpol agency funding in Euro dollars over a 3yr, period of time which enables these international corporations to take more control over the United States pharmaceutical markets and the U.S. Interpol agency.

Interpol’s so called agreement, is to prevent pharmaceutical crime and counterfeiting for branded and generic drugs in the United States to combat crime, which many of these top U.S. pharmaceutical companies are providing the world and American citizens with…

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