Immigration vs Bush Administration

  Bush Administration sold America Out back in 1990 to every foreign country! 
 America was sold out by the Bush Administration by implementing a bill, which allows foreigners and their families to move into the United States, and get funded by the American government for moving here! Along with visa access with their own designated lawyers.  This is a foreign scam against business ownership and citizenship, brought on by the American Government in the Bush Administration era. Of course with the help of republicans, they’ve been paying out American citizens tax paying dollars to foreign countries and their families too move to America! This is a joke and humiliating to every American citizen! This should be appalling to every American Citizens and every American must demand these bills be revised immediately for the sake of the American people and our country and the next American generations! There is no way, that America should be paying people to move to our country, taking away from many Americans, this is the craziest thing if you ever heard one.

NO, other country is going to pay an American investor and their families to move to their country! So why in the world is the American government allowing this? The bill implemented by the past Bush Administration is the reason America has now turned into a international country. These foreign countries and their families have taken over much of America, leaving many American citizens, in poverty, unemployed, losing their homes, and unable to feed their families. This has been going on since the 1990’s, when the bill was implemented and now has hit home to many American families! The Bush Administration has allowed these foreigners to come to America on work-visa’s bypassing the system using good foreign American lawyers, allowing them to take control over America buying businesses, corporations, homes, land, and anything else they can get their hands on in America! 

They even had the audacity to have lawyers available to assist foreigners with their Visa’s if they’re interested in coming to America, this goes to show there are many dishonest lawyers in America, who also need investigated! So let’s see, the American government is paying foreign families to come to America and helping them get here through the immigration and work-visa Governmental system, apparently led by the republicans since the bill was implemented during the Bush Administration.This is a nightmare for every American family in the United States! They’ve turned America into a International nightmare for every American born citizen, Why would they do that to American citizens they’ve already outsourced many businesses to foreign countries, why would it be necessary to pay foreign countries and their entire families too come to America with the money the American government has given them?

This is definitely a double-standard and not in the best interest of the American people. In fact, these actions are a slap in the face to every American family who is now struggling in their own country! Foreign nationals are now living the American Dream and the American people are living in poverty and suffering.These foreign countries have been allowed to come and infiltrate every area throughout America’s 50 States, impacting every American family! America does not personally know these individuals or put them through any stringent tests or follow-up with them on a consistent basis, although the government has allowed them in our country. The American government do not know these foreign nationals pasts, mind-sets, qualities, values, family history, or likeness of America. Thanks, to the Bush Administration, no one knows if these foreign nationals and their families are safe to be in our country! If American friendly why are many Americans suffering, the bill listed in other countries has been in effect, 1990-2014 this a long time for a foreign national to be in America to cause corrupt damage to the entire American population.

These new foreign American paid families are taking away from American families and sending American money back to their country to benefit their extended families not American families. The bill should be revised immediately, every American family should be upset! The Republican American government rather take care of and pay foreign nationals, than take care of their own American citizens. This explains why many American foreigners business owners are part of the ALEC private organization and other top government institutions.  

They’ve made money throughout the decades in America which has allowed them to pay double, triple and quadruple for any businesses in America. The foreigners let in by the Bush Administration bill, learned early on some American’s are greedy, and all they have to do is flash dollar signs in front of many American’s and they can get and buy whatever they want! Every American citizen must stand up and demand answers of why the American government would pay people from other countries to come invest and own businesses in America, when they have their own American citizens who aren’t being paid?  

Read below article posted in other countries concerning American citizenship!

U.S. Green Card in addition to the BUSINESS Ownership How to turn your hotel cost $ 20 million to $ 200 million ski resort? American businessman Bill Stanger reached this result thanks to funding through a U.S. government program that provides foreign investors and their families green card if they invest in certain projects, stimulating the economy. (Why does America’s economy need stimulated by foreign visitors?)

This program was created in 1990 when President George HW Bush, but enjoy great popularity began after 2005, when introduced changes in the law, facilitate the development of large projects with many foreign investors. Undoubted advantage of this program is to obtain Green Cards quickness. Permission for a temporary, two-year green card, usually come within 8-14 months from the filing date. End of portion of article for more please contact CABIRI!

This bill has to be revised immediately for the inequality of every American citizen, the government has allowed international visitors and their families to take away from American families which is a major injustice! this should not be, why are they giving away America to foreign families! What about American families? Another point that should be also addressed is the credibility of all the Lawyers who are assisting foreign immigrants with a speedy USA Visa! This is totally not fair to the American people of America! Do Americans not matter? What will Americans have left for the next American generations?

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(American’s should demand investigations & immigrant accountability)
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It is not fair to American citizens Internationals are getting business funding and American business owners such as CABIRI,is having a hard time getting funding help for an American business! This should not be America! Please wake up citizens of America! We must put a stop to this inequality in America!

CABIRI Obama Speech Special Report

What About The Economical Warfare? 
CABIRI,  joined the OFA organization in Palm Beach Gardens, Fl. where a group of OFA organizers viewed the presidents exhilarating State of the Union speech. Obama speech was very informative, concerning the changes he would like to put into place, moving America forward in 2014. “The main topic,” Obama failed to mention is about America’s current international economical warfare occurring in the United States, by which many citizens are aware and have grave concern about! Everyone knows in order to fix a problem, the root cause of the problem must be addressed. If not, no matter what changes are put in place nothing will change if the current problem still exists. Leaving America’s economical future unchanged!

 America has become diverse and some international visitors or permanent residents are not American friendly and only here in America for their own personal agenda’s. Their decades of skillfully planned tactics have put America in the shape it is currently in, a economical, financial mess, not including numerous American deaths. Be aware, there is a long depressing road ahead of us to regain America before moving forward with any changes, especially when the culprits haven’t been addressed. Although, the health care is moving forward this does not mean the pharmaceutical industry, doctors, and health agencies, and American citizens are safe.

International Infiltration, is still present and alive all throughout the United States in every business and corporate industry. Be mindful the current economical warfare has nothing to do with Red or Blue, it’s about America and it’s economic stability as a country to hold and protect it’s own! This does not currently exist, which is a major problem for America!

Special Note: There are many international residents who have set up shop in New Jersey since the early 1900’s, where the American Super Bowl is taking place, now internationals have the opportunity to smuggle more money out of the country buy renting out their properties they’ve purchased in America, taking more out of America’s economy. The super bowl prices are out of control, due to the International and Republican ownership of New Jersey, Which is another international chance to get all they can from the American people once again! Sending back to their countries! 

Current Economical Warfare Articles; – Cruise ship passengers recall days of misery Angela Merkel warns US over surveillance in first speech of third term James Clapper calls for Snowden and ‘accomplices’ to return NSA documents Defense lawyers granted access to Fisa surveillance documents in terror case Congress axes $8.6bn from food stamps in farm bill
New York Times journalist forced to leave China after visa row
Austin Ramzy is third of newspaper’s staff not to get journalist visa since it ran story on wealth of former premier’s family
China is continually buying businesses in America, while kicking out American’s in their country – Is this right?
The anti-fracking activist barred from 312.5 sq miles of Pennsylvania”><img class="size-full wp-image" id="i-1095" alt="Image" src=";

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The Ford International Conspiracy

Vehicle Industry In The Hands of International conspirators!

Here we go again America! The plot thickens, now you will view the international connections with the vehicle industry, which also happens to be led by other international countries who’ve infiltrated another American major market that can impact American families.

View the two articles below and you’ll see for yourself the ties. Ford has gone from a successfully family owned American based Corporation in Detroit, which employed millions of American citizens and fed many families. Due some business mistakes decades ago the Ford Company is now internationally owned, operated and based in another country. This is not good for America, these corporations are profiting billions of dollars to support their own countries, leaving America and citizens in economic turmoil!

See Below Articles:
Ford has historic year with $7.2bn in profits boosted by 2013 US sales

Ford and GM Scrutinized for Alleged Nazi Collaboration – Ford Profits up, Thanks to North American Sales – Ford Posts Record Profits – 2012

Company History
Ford-Werke GmbH
Ford Motor Company Logo.svg
“Eine Idee weiter.”
Type: GmbH
Industry: Automotive
Founded August 18, 1925
Founder(s): Henry Ford
Headquarters: Niehl, Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Number of locations:Two manufacturing facilities
Key people: Stephen Odell (Chairman)
Bernhard Mattes – (CEO)
Owner(s):Ford Motor Company
Employees:28,842 (2009)
Parent Ford Deutschland Holding GmbH

Recent Known Problems:
In May 2000, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) contacted Ford and Firestone about the high incidence of tire failure on Ford Explorers, Mercury Mountaineers, and Mazda Navajos fitted with Firestone tires. Ford investigated and found that several models of 15-inch Firestone tires (ATX, ATX II, and Wilderness AT) had very high failure rates, especially those made at Firestone’s Decatur, Illinois plant. This was one of the leading factors to the closing of the Decatur plant

John T. Lampe (Chairman & CEO of Bridgestone/Firestone) announced in a 2001 letter to Jacques Nasser (Ford Motor Company Chief Executive) that Bridgestone/Firestone would no longer enter into new contracts with Ford Motor Company, effectively ending a 100-year supply relationship.

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Bitcoin International Conspiracy

U.S. Bitcoin Conspirators

Please read both attached articles, after reading base your own conclusions?
In regards, to what you think of America experiencing a current Economical
Warfare in many American industries.

The Bitcoin is just one of many occurring in the United States! To understand the root of the problem, American citizens must view the piece’s of the puzzle’s that are missing to understand, international business owners have come over to America and infiltrated many business markets in America, Only to benefit their own country and country people, Not America or the American Citizens!

Atricle 1: Bitcoin executive resigns amid money-laundering investigation
Charlie Shrem, Bitcoin Foundation vice-president, resigns
Shrem accused of helping to launder money for Silk Road

2nd Article: London-based company offers safe for Bitcoins

The price of Bitcoin in 2013 rose sharply.If you invest, nevertheless must fear for his money: Again and again it comes to hacker attacks on the accounts.
The problem could be solved now. Trent by Nina Mann, London

Big hype and big risk: The virtual payment unit Bitcoins has won in a few months in value dramatically. However: Unlike “real currency” it is not yet recognized by the central banks, Bitcoins are not protected from theft.Who loses by a cyber attack, can not get a replacement.
Many potential customers deters that. In London there are now the first physical memory are stored encrypted in the Bitcoins. The founders hope that holders deposit their Bitcoins with them, and then storing it longer at home on the computer. So shall the acceptance of virtual unit grow.

Tom Robinson, co-founder of Elliptic who is behind the Bitcoin memory, can only shake his head at the naivete of many Bitcoin buyers.”Many store their digital coins at home on the hard drive,” says Robinson against the “world”, “It’s as if you have one lying his money under the mattress.”

A lot of the Bitcoin buyers have invested in the virtual unit, but without having the technical knowledge of how they secure their valuable investment from theft. “There have been people who have thrown away their old hard drives on which Bitcoins were that millions of euros were worth,” says Robinson.

Million in the garbage One such case recently made headlines in the United Kingdom: James Howells lost around 4.6 million pounds, about 5.5 million euros when he threw away a drive on which he had saved years ago Bitcoins. Only when the Bitcoin exchange rate last fall rose steeply, Howells recalled the forgotten Bitcoins.

At this time, the drive had disappeared already in the depths of a landfill, it would have cost several thousand pounds to let search them – with no guarantee of success.
At the same time large quantities of Bitcoins have been stolen by cyber criminals repeatedly. “Online purses are not safe from hacker attacks,” says co-founder Tom Elliptic Robinson, “many people have therefore lost their Bitcoins.”

Combination of physical and digital security, Tom Robinson advises buyers, therefore, to deposit their Bitcoins in its memory.”We combine digital and physical security measures,” says the Oxford graduate, who founded the company with two friends.

Physical keys that can not be connected to the Internet, access to the storerooms of all Bitcoins to make copies. “These keys can not be hacked,” he says. Only when all of Elliptic founders agree that Bitcoin copies may be made available.

The store is a step towards a “full Bitcoin bank,” says Tom Robinson. Who deposited its Bitcoins in the London store, pays a fee based on the value of the Bitcoin units. For this, send the customer their Bitcoins in digital form to Elliptic.

No information on the volumes,The company does not tell you how many customers have already taken this step or how many Bitcoins have been deposited.The interest of the Bitcoin community is very large, it was called at the request of Elliptic.

Tom Robinson is working with the insurer Lloyd’s of London, the calculated and replaces the market price of Bitcoins in U.S. dollars, they should be lost, despite the security measures in memory.

The Bitcoin industry was in a period of transition, says co-founder Elliptic Robinson.The British tax authority HMRC is currently investigating whether in the future they treated Bitcoins as “private currency”, which would reduce the tax burden for the owners of Bitcoins in the UK and significantly increase the financial attractiveness of the unit. A result is expected in early February.

Bitcoin ban in China, The Chinese central bank, however, had the Bitcoin platforms banned end of the year to take deposits in the Chinese currency, the Renminbi, which is equivalent to a spell of virtual currency.

The online giant Alibaba subsequently announced to want to accept Bitcoins through its platform “Taobao”. “Many countries are working to regulate Bitcoins,” says Elliptic-founder Tom Robinson: “Given the strong capital controls in China it is no wonder that the government prohibits this unit.”

Should the UK tax authority HMRC Bitcoins than declare “private currency”, this would the financial center London provide advantages in international trade Bitcoin. “Such a step would the British Bitcoin industry a significant competitive advantage,” says Richard Asquith, Head of Tax at TMF Group. Singapore amended its tax law,Due to the strong growth of Bitcoins trading it is likely that the U.S. This year would take further steps to regulate the virtual unit. Singapore had amended its tax law in the past week accordingly.

Other European countries are still hesitant with the recognition of the digital unit – with the exception of Germany, the Bitcoins recognized as “private money” in the summer of 2013.
But in Germany, the mood seems to turn over: Bundesbank board member Carl-Ludwig Thiele warned last week against the use of Bitcoins and described it as “highly speculative”.

Invested investors threaten basically a total loss. said the Federal Banker to the “Handelsblatt”.11 million Bitcoins currently exist Bitcoins are produced by a complicated “mining” process, in which a computer has to solve a math problem with a 64 numbers counting code. For each solved problem of the “Miner” will be rewarded with new Bitcoins.

According to the BBC Currently, there are about 11 million Bitcoins world. To obtain Bitcoins, the user needs a so-called “Bitcoin Address”, consisting of 27 to 34 letters.

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BitCoin CIA Connection – – BitCoin Ponzi Scheme

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ALEC vs. Republican

ALEC vs. Republican


Many United States citizens are unaware of the American Legislative Exchange Council,

the organization has distinctive ties between top International business owners and the Republican party members of the United States. The business ties between the two run deep into the United States governmental legislative system allowing top international corporate and non-profit business leaders to write and discuss model bills and laws to benefit their top private businesses and foundations impacting every “American State,” in the United States. Alec is a 501(c) organization formed in 1975, who actively tries to keep its memberships, activities, and communications very private! Information discussed and proposed is only for private undisclosed members who agree with Alec’s private illicit practices who do not mind harming other human beings. Why is this organization keeping to themselves, is there a hidden agenda behind their private schemes? Why is there a need for such privacy? Do the American people not deserve the right to know what bills are being changed in America by these international and republican top business leaders controlling many of America’s economical resources?


Alec is funded by top international and American corporations located in America and abroad. Every American should answer the following question, How is it legal for a Non-American international citizens to have any part in rewriting state laws for American citizens of AMERICA. When did these international citizens become part of American history passed down from American Forefathers. Would it be acceptable for a American to go over to a foreign country on a work-visa, join that countries legislative and governmental organizations and start rewriting bills for their country people, with no prior knowledge of their countries value’s, culture and previous laws put in place by their countries prior Forefathers? Realistically speaking, there is no way an American business professional or normal citizen can go over to another country and own a business, let alone join a legislative organization or governmental entity, and start changing that countries laws passed down from their forefathers. How is this acceptable in America? Do other countries really understand American values and cultures based on American History? Do these internationalist understand the struggles American citizens had to endure in the Great Depression and many American wars?


Another point to be questioned, Why was it a requirement for American children in the 80’s and 90’s to pass Government Economics and American History in order to graduate from High School? This is very contradictory to American citizens who attended High School in the 80’s and 90’s. Why were these American students forced to take these courses when the same standards do not apply to American international business leaders a decade later? Were these courses a waste of time for many American children back in the 80’s and 90’s. Why do these new international American business leaders get a “Free Pass,” to bypass American History and Government Economics? Do other international country citizens know the actual true history of America, whom are coming to America from their homelands, not having a clue about America history? This is not fair too the American People of America! Consumer Rights, Privatizing Government Services, and Pushing “Free” Trade. 



Alec’s legislative bills aren’t being formed for the well-being of the American people, in fact the top corporate businesses are violating many American governmental laws by limiting workers rights, consumer protection, infiltration of American Wall Street, to benefit their own personal agenda’s for their countries and top businesses in America and abroad. These international American business predators are currently funneling American tax dollars out of the country by secretively using their for-profit, private businesses and foundations, leaving Billions of American citizens in a economic nightmare due to their private Free Trade conspiracy’s which benefits their country and their country people. Disturbingly, their corrupt activities are approved by many American Republican’s working with these international countries hand in hand affecting many human lives.



Below is a listing of Alec’s organizational structure where many will see the correlation between international business owners and many republican party members. These international corporate conspirators are using their private STATE businesses and foundations as a back door to violate many human rights of all American people. American’s should be aware, who is giving these temporary new international Non-American citizens the right to change state and governmental laws for the American people on the state and senate level. None of these corrupt activities would or could never happen in any other foreign country, so why is it okay for this too occur in America? Is America too friendly to internationalists who only have hidden agenda’s to harm America and the American people? This may be the reason why China put up the Great Wall to prevent things such as this from happening in their country by foreign conspirators?


Read Below Organization Information:

Listing of known state’s involved with ALEC

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware,

Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming




Alec’s Board of scholar Members

The ALEC Board of Scholars is composed of the following:

Arthur Laffer, founder and chairman of Laffer Associates, an economic research and consulting firm

Stephen Moore, senior economics writer and editorial board member, The Wall Street Journal

Victor Schwartz, partner in the Washington office of the Kansas City-based law firm Shook, Hardy & Bacon, LLP, and chair of its Public Policy Group.

Richard Vedder, is a Distinguished Professor of Economics at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio

Bob Williams, founder and senior fellow of the Evergreen Freedom Foundation, a public policy organization in Olympia, Washington.



Known Board of directors

The ALEC board of directors is composed of the following

2013 ALEC National Chair

State Rep. John PiscopoRepublican – Connecticut


First Vice Chair

State Rep. Linda UpmeyerRepublican – Iowa




Second Vice Chair

State Rep. Phil KingRepublican – Texas



State Sen. Leah VukmirRepublican – Wisconsin



State Rep. Liston BarfieldRepublican – South Carolina


Chairs Emeritus

State Rep. Harold BrubakerRepublican – North Carolina


State Rep. Tom CraddickRepublican – Texas


State Rep. Noble EllingtonRepublican – Louisiana


State Sen. Steve Faris – Democratic – Arkansas


State Rep. Bobby Hogue – Democratic – Arkansas


State Sen. Owen JohnsonRepublican – New York


State Rep. Dolores Mertz – Democratic – Iowa


Immediate Past Chair

State Rep. David FrizzellRepublican – Indiana


Known Board Members:

State Sen. Gary BanzRepublican – Oklahoma


State Sen. Jim BuckRepublican – Indiana


State Sen. Bill CadmanRepublican – Colorado


State Sen. BarbaraCegavskeRepublican – Nevada


State Rep. Joe HarrisonRepublican – Louisiana


Speaker William J.HowellRepublican – Virginia


State Sen. MichaelLamoureuxRepublican – Arkansas


State Rep. SteveMcDanielRepublican – Tennessee


Speaker RaymondMerrickRepublican – Kansas




State Rep. Tim MoffittRepublican – North Carolina


State Sen. WayneNeiderhauserRepublican – Utah


State Sen. Bill SeitzRepublican – Ohio


State Rep. Blair ThoresonRepublican – North Dakota


Speaker Thom TillisRepublican – North Carolina


State Rep. Curry ToddRepublican – Tennessee


State Sen. Susan WagleRepublican – Kansas





Private enterprise board

ALEC private enterprise board is composed of the following known corporate leaders


Tobacco – Active Members

Preston Baldwin – Centerpoint360 – Chairman – Tobacco lobbyist – Active


David Powers – Reynolds American – Treasurer – Tobacco – Active


Daniel Smith – Altria – Board Member – Tobacco – Active


Pharmaceutical – Active Members


Sandra Oliver – Bayer AG (International) – Vice Chairman – Pharmaceutical


John Del Gorno – GlaxoSmithKline (International) – Vice Chairman – Pharmaceutical


Jeffrey Bond – PhRMA -(International) Board Member – Pharmaceutical


Robert Jones – Pfizer Inc. – (International) Board Member – Pharmaceutical


Energy – Oil – Water Active Members


Lisa A. Sano Blocker – Energy Future Holdings – Board Member – Energy/Oil


Kelly Mader – Peabody Energy – Board Member – Energy/Oil


Randy Smith – ExxonMobil – Board Member – Energy/Oil


Russell Smoldon – Salt River Project – Board Member – Energy/Water





Bail Bonds Active Board Members


Jerry Watson – Chairman Emeritus – Bail Bonds – Emeritus


William Carmichael – American Bail Coalition


Additional Board Members


Kenneth LaneDiageo – Alcoholic Beverages


Bill LeahyAT&T – Telecommunications


Pat Thomas – Telecommunications – Shipping


Roland Spies – State Farm Insurance – Insurance


Active Lobbyist This group lobby’s for all the above business sectors and companies to benefit their private hidden agendas

Mike Morgon – Koch Companies Public Sector,LLC





State Chairmen

ALEC chairmen from state legislatures

Alabama – Mary SueMcClurkinRepublican

Arizona – Debbie LeskoRepublican Montana – Gary MacLarenR

Arkansas – Linda Collins-SmithRepublican Montana – Scott ReichnerR

Arkansas – MichaelLamoureuxRepublican Nebraska – Jim SmithR

California – Joel AndersonRepublican Nevada – Barbara CegavskeR

Colorado – Bill CadmanRepublican New Hampshire – Gary L. DanielR

Colorado – B.J. NikkelRepublican New Hampshire – Jordan G. Ulery

Connecticut – Debra Lee HoveyRepublican New Jersey – Steve OrohoR

Connecticut – Kevin D. WitkosRepublican New Jersey – Jay WebberR

Delaware – (Not Known) Republican New Mexico – Paul C. BandyR

Florida – Jimmy PatronisRepublican New Mexico – William PayneR

Georgia – Calvin Hill, Jr.Republican New York – Owen H. JohnsonR

Georgia – Chip RogersRepublican North Carolina – Fred F. Steen IIR

Hawaii – Gene WardRepublican North Dakota – Alan H. CarlsonR

Idaho – Patti Anne LodgeRepublican Ohio – John AdamsR

Illinois – Kirk DillardRepublican Oklahoma – Gary BanzR

Illinois – Renée KoselRepublican Oklahoma – Cliff AldridgeR

Indiana – Jim BuckRepublican Oregon – Gene WhisnantR

Indiana – David WolkinsRepublican Pennsylvania – Brian L. Ellis

Iowa – Linda J. MillerRepublican Rhode Island – Francis T. Maher, Jr.R

Kansas – Raymond MerrickRepublican Rhode Island – Jon Brien D

Kentucky – Tom BufordRepublican South Carolina – Liston BarfieldR

Kentucky – Mike HarmonRepublican South Carolina – Thomas AlexanderR

Louisiana – Joe HarrisonRepublican South Dakota – Valentine B. Rausch

Maine – Richard RosenRepublican Tennessee – Curry ToddR

Maryland – Michael HoughRepublican Texas – Jim JacksonR

Maryland – Christopher ShankRepublican Texas – Kel SeligerR

Massachusetts – Nicholas BoldygaRepublican

Utah – Wayne L.NiederhauserR

Massachusetts – Harriet Stanley – Democratic Utah – Curtis S. Bramble R

Michigan – Tonya SchuitmakerRepublican Utah – Chris HerrodR

Minnesota – Mary KiffmeyerRepublican Vermont – Kevin J. MullinR

Mississippi – Jim EllingtonRepublican Virginia – John A. Cosgrove Jr. – R

Missouri – Tim Jones & Jason Smith Republican Washington – Jan Angel & Don BentonR

(West Virginia) Eric HouseholderRepublican (Wisconsin) Scott Suder & Robin J. Vos (Wyoming)RPeter S. IllowayRepublican



As you can see above, the Republican’s have control over the majority of states in the United States – Could this be a Sabotage move towards the American people, Democrat’s and Obama’s Presidency. Are all these state republican’s and their new international board members creating turmoil all across America, for their personal hidden agenda reasons they are not letting be known? Many of the republicans and internationalist have corporate, private businesses and foundations, by which all have attached subsidiary companies in every major economical industry. This could represent legislative power control on the state side by many republicans and their new top American foreign business leaders. The puzzle spelled out in this article should be visible to all Americans, of what’s really happening on the state side of the economy. Republicans and their international friends have much too do with the current American poverty and economic dilemma’s, which has spread throughout America.


Continue reading below for additional Alec organization information:




Task force members

ALEC presently has 9 task forces to “commission research, publish papers, convene workshops, issue alerts, and serve as clearinghouses of information on free market policies in the states.” Each task force is co-chaired by one state legislator (termed “public”) and one corporate representative(termed “private”), but Private Co-Chairs have veto power over final decisions of their task force. The primary goal of these task forces is to develop model policies for the country. “The main agenda for the Task Forces is ALEC’s model legislation. To date, ALEC has considered, written, and approved hundreds of model bills, resolutions, and policy statements to benefit their personal private hidden agenda’s. Please view below:



Civil Justice

Lance KinzerR, Kansas representative

Victor Schwartz representing Shook, Hardy & Bacon

Commerce, Insurance, and Economic Development

Dawn PettengillR, Iowa representative

Emory Wilkerson representing State Farm Insurance



Communications and Technology

Blair ThoresonR, North Dakota representative

Bartlett Cleland representing the Institute for Policy Innovation


Greg Forristall, R, Iowa representative

Jonathan Butcher representing Goldwater Institute

Energy, Environment, and Agriculture

Thomas Lockhart, R, Wyoming representative

Paul Loeffelman representing American Electric Power



Health and Human Services

Judson Hill, R, Georgia senator

Marianne Eterno representing Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company



International Relations

Tim Moffitt, R, North Carolina representative

Brandie Davis representing Philip Morris International



International Delegates

MEP Richard Ashworth, United Kingdom

Senator Cory Bernardi, Australia

MEP Adam Bielan, Poland

MEP Martin Callanan, United Kingdom

MEP Philip Claeys, Belgium

MP David Darchiashvili, Georgia

MEP Niranjan Deva, United Kingdom

MEP Christofer Fjellner, Sweden

MEP Daniel Hannan, United Kingdom

MP Chris Heaton-Harris, United Kingdom

MEP Roger Helmer, United Kingdom

Assemblywoman Ayesha Javed, Pakistan

MEP Syed Kamall, United Kingdom

MEP Michal Kaminski, Poland

MEP Miroslaw Piotrowski, Poland

MEP Ivo Strejcek, Czech Republic

MEP Robert Sturdy, United Kingdom

MEP Konrad Szymanski, Poland

Christopher B. Shank, R, Maryland senator

Stacie Rumenap representing Stop Child Predators


Tax and Fiscal Policy

Ken Weyler, R, New Hampshire representative

Amanda Klump representing – Altria


Known Contributing Authors

Dr. Matthew Ladner, Nevada Policy Research Institute

Dan Lips, Goldwater Institute

Dr. Vicki E. (Murray) Alger, Vicki Murray & Associates LLC




Known Participating Corporate Members



Altria (formerly known as Philip Morris)

America Online (AOL)

American Bail Coalition

American Bankers Association

American Council of Life Insurers

American Council of Trustees and Alumni

American Insurance Association

American Legal Financial Association

American Petroleum Institute

American Principles Project

American Tort Reform Association

Americans for Tax Reform



Association for Competitive Technology



Bayer AG

BNSF Railway

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Cato Institute


Center for Competitive Politics

Center for Digital Media Freedom



Charter Communications


Citizens In Charge Foundation

Civil Justice Reform Group


Community Financial Services Association



Corrections Corporation of America

Coventry Health Care

Crown Cork and Seal Company

CTIA – The Wireless Association

DCI Group



Dow Chemical



Eli Lilly

Entertainment Software Association


Express Scripts



Fadem & Associates

Farmer’s Insurance

Federalist Society


Foundation for Excellence in Education

Free State Foundation


Geo Group (formerly known as Wackenhut)

Georgia Pacific



Heartland Institute

Higher Education Research/Policy Center

Illinois Policy Institute

Imagine Learning

Institute for Justice

Institute for Legal Reform

Institute for Policy Innovation

International Franchise Association

James Madison Institute

Justice Fellowship

Kansas City Power and Light

Koch Industries

Lawyers for Civil Justice

Macquarie Capital

Management and Training Corporation

McLeod County Farmers Union

MV VeriSol

National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies

National Association of Water Companies

National Beer Wholesalers Association

National Cable and Telecommunications Association

National Coalition for Safer Roads

National Federation of Independent Business

National Pawnbrokers Association

National Popular Vote

National Rifle Association


News Corporation (parent company of Twentieth Century Fox, Wall Street Journal and Fox News)


Orchid Cellmark

Pacific Research Institute



Pickle Consulting Group

Pioneer Institute

Price Waterhouse Coopers

Progress and Freedom Foundation

Property Casualty Insurers

Reason Foundation

Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals

Sanofi Aventis

Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association

Schering Plough 1 of many Subsidiaries (IG Farben of Germany)

Serlin Hale

Sprint Nextel

State Farm Insurance

State Policy Network


Stop Child Predators

Taser International

Thomson Reuters

Time Warner


United Health

United Parcel Service

US Chamber of Commerce



Wine Institute

Wireless Generation

Wise Carter Child & Caraway


Xcel Energy


Former known corporate members

American Traffic Solutions resigned April 13, 2012


Arizona Public Service Company

Best Buy

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ?????

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Cargill is listed as a member in 1998,but now denies ever having been a member


CVS Caremark


Enron (went bankrupt in 2001, see Enron scandal)[

General Motors


John Deere

Johnson & Johnson


Kaplan, Inc.

Kraft Foods

Louis Dreyfus Group

Lumina Foundation for Education






National Association of Charter School Authorizers

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards


Procter & Gamble

Reed Elsevier


TicketMaster was a member as late as 2000, but now denies membership and is threatening legal action for being associated as a member


Walmart suspended membership May 31, 2012


CABIRI – Consumer Advocacy Business IndustryResearch and Investigations will continue to monitor business activities of all Businesses in the United States and abroad, including there private and subsidiary companies located in America and abroad, that are not being acknowledged to the American people, hiding pertinent business information that effects and harms humanity. Many of these businesses are run and driven by political hidden agenda’s and GREED, as you read above mostly by the republican party and International conspirators, fixing the American system to benefit other countries and their own private businesses. These political mobsters have currently driven America into a economical warfare mess, that needs immediately addressed for the safety of America and many American families and other global countries impacted by their dangerous shenanigans! Power does not give you the right to control other human beings lives, everyone is put on earth to help one another not harm! Now review the legislative members of ALEC below:

Legislative members


John Adams R, Ohio House of Representatives

Danny Bubp R, Ohio House of Representatives

Ron Amstutz R, Ohio House of Representatives

Steve Austria R, U.S. House of Representatives

Peter Beck R, Ohio House of Representatives

Louis Blessing R, Ohio House of Representatives

John Boehner R, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives

William Coley R, Ohio House of Representatives

Tim Derickson R, Ohio House of Representatives

Bob Gibbs R, U.S. House of Representatives

Matt Huffman R, Ohio House of Representatives

Jim Jordan R, U.S. House of Representatives

John Kasich R, Governor

Casey Kozlowski R, Ohio House of Representatives

Frank LaRose R, Ohio Senate

Robert Latta R, U.S. House of Representatives

Ronald Maag R, Ohio House of Representatives

Jarrod Martin R, Ohio House of Representatives

Seth Morgan R, formerly Ohio House of Representatives, appointed to Ohio Retirement Study Council by Governor John Kasich

Jean Schmidt R, U.S. House of Representatives

Barbara Sears R, Ohio House of Representatives

Bill Seitz R, Ohio Senate

Steve Stivers R, U.S. House of Representatives

Andrew Thompson R, Ohio House of Representatives

Pat Tiberi R, U.S. House of Representatives

Joe Uecker R, Ohio House of Representatives

Lynn Wachtmann R, Ohio House of Representatives


Now everyone has viewed the above, ask yourself is this type of activity fair to the American people. American citizens should do research on past presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eisenhower who were trying alert American’s decades ago this day and age would come! Also please take heed too the international citizens coming into America via Canadian borders Waterways and private jets bringing many of their friends, families, and their workers who are purchasing American businesses and homes at excessive rates out bidding many American citizens. Leaving America and its citizens weak and vulnerable. The America government has to truly find out how many international citizens are living in America LEGALLY! Who can prove they are a actual American citizen and not in the United States with only a Temporarily Work




CABIRI – Consumer Advocacy Business Industry and Investigations

This article was written for the American people of America to protect our homeland!


Please support CABIRI in our efforts to report critical business news for America!

Any organization, Investor or donations are appreciated in joining our Team in our fight to protect America from corruption and business greed! There is much more Unknown Cabiri will report! 

Snowden vs International Conspiracy

images (36)

Snowden America is not the Culprits your Friends Are!

  There’s proof of extensive spying and much more in the United States that has been going on for decades!  Your friends have just mastered the art of American manipulation! Snowden please get the facts straight you have been snowballed into a mess of untruth’s. There is current intelligence that proves, Snowden is mistakenly wrong! He definitely his facts all backwards. It’s actually the reverse, America has been being spied on since Franklin D. Roosevelt ceased assets and sent others back to their country for doing corrupt business practices in the United States. They’ve spent decades spying and doing anything else they could think of to get back over to America to learn and regain economical resources, land, intelligence, American business knowledge and ownership. This has been going on since World I and II. Snowden, apparently didn’t do his homework and piece their patterns and sneaky practices together, his foreign counter-partners have been spying and using corrupt practices in America for quite some time now, probably before Snowden was even born.

 There is proof they have diligently and privately infiltrated major economical markets in America, which impacts American lives. We also know, that they are triggering a series of events in America, due to the fact their on alert, and now know America has caught onto their shenanigans and illicit corrupt practices and sooner or later it will all be exposed. Snowden focus is only on the NSA, his foreign friends infiltrations runs deeper than the NSA in America, and they know it. They are using Snowden and he doesn’t realize it and in the end it will all be exposed for all the world to know including him. Snowden is trying to make America out to be the bad apple when it’s actually been the other foreign countries who’ve been in America plotting. These specific foreign countries need to stop bashing and causing chaos in America and around the world, and just tell the real truth, and learn to work together and build a friendly International and America partnership! 

 Please do not take it out innocent lives, who have nothing to do with it. Your sequence of harming events in America are becoming very noticeable to someone, just as Snowden, who is holding in their hands information that can prove, all your prior and current deceitful actions in America.

The pattern you are using has been exposed and you can not continue to allow Snowden to report and blame U.S. for deceitful corrupt practices when it’s your country that has been doing the damage. Snowden has been bribed, coerced and I’m sure threatened at this point, although that was his choice to take a chance and turn on his country, that has been good to him and his family. Now never to see his family again, all for nothing when the real truth comes out, Snowden will wish he never got involved.

 It’s truly going to be sad for Snowden, and the other country, when they are finally exposed proving they have been leading America and the world astray for decades, and they’re actually the one’s that are causing havoc and are currently doing harm in America. We know many of you are based in New Jersey and NY & scattered throughout America’s 50 states, and we know you have access to many of our vital resources.

  The incident on the Royal Caribbean did not just all of sudden happen and a coincidence. There is proof you have made  diseases decades ago, that you’ve enhanced and brought the nasty diseases over from your country, and you are now using them on American people to cause us harm, amongst the other chain of events you’ve been setting off. This is no way to act, harming innocent lives, if there is a problem, rational business people sit down and come to an agreement or some type of resolution working together as a united global country.

 Remember whether International or American all of your next generational children have to live in this world, do you want them to live in a world of chaos. Those days are long gone it’s time to come forward and move forward, and do the right thing by all human beings in America and your countries, whether we like it or not the world is now diverse. Every human being wants to live a nice joyous life no matter where you live! 

Greed and corruption is not the way to get there, it will eventually end up coming back too you full circle. “Honesty and Truth is the best policy!”

 See below corrupt scandals links associated with the economical warfare in America:

Edward Snowden tells German TV that NSA is involved in industrial espionage –

2 Bitcoin operators charged in NY ‘Silk Road’ bust – –

Bitcoin Foundation vice chair arrested for money laundering –

Google buys artificial intelligence firm DeepMind Technologies for £400m

NSA and GCHQ target ‘leaky’ phone apps like Angry Birds to scoop user data –

• US and UK spy agencies piggyback on commercial data
• Details can include age, location and sexual orientation 
• Documents also reveal targeted tools against individual phones

News of the World reporter hacked phones a thousand times, he tells court –

European shares drop after fears of crisis in emerging markets

Mail Online to switch to .com domain name

China’s princelings storing riches in Caribbean offshore haven

Arsène Wenger set to stay at Arsenal after club seal £150m Puma kit deal – Part of ALEC/Republican organization!


New bread for Hovis as Premier Foods offers slice for £200m investment deal –


‘He said he was going to blow things up’ Read more at


Women died at same hospital


Royal Caribbean cruise cut short after more than 600 are sickened – The Virus came from New Jersey that is where they are living and running businesses!


Freelance Editor,

CABIRI – Consumer Advocacy Business Industry Research and Investigations


What a country! A love letter to America – MUST READ AMERICA

                                Every American Citizen Should Read This Letter Addressed to American’s & ask yourself ?’s

                                   See how free spirited other countries truly think America Is!   What Are We Doing America

You’ve welcomed me with open arms. You are approached open and curious about me. You’ve taken me four months with you. Although you do not even knew who I am, what I can and what I want. That you did not care. You’ve answered all my questions, my strange pronunciation and my very mediocre English over listens politely.

I took only a few seconds indecisive stand on the street – always jumped me someone at your side who could show me the right way. I needed herumzustammeln only somewhat helpless and it was all helped me in a good mood. In the restaurant, the post office, in hotels, at the hairdresser, in the offices, in stores, at the gas station on the road.

You could not know if maybe I’m important. My employer is not very well known here. But you do not care. Almost all doors have opened, I was able to speak at least for a few minutes with all the interesting, intelligent and successful people I’ve always wanted to meet. I was allowed to look behind the scenes of the companies that I have always been most interested.

This is done, not spoken

Not for a second I have aggressive moods or irritability felt by which we know so well in Germany. On the contrary. I’m hit anywhere in serenity, coolness and a friendly self-confidence.

Many of the stories I’ve told in my German home, you have not understood correctly. Why is everything always so complicated in Germany? Why are people so critical and strict – especially with himself? You live, work and think very differently than we do. Talking to you is not anyway. Much rather you do something simple, without better to know everything always before. If something does not work, there is just a new start.

Your kindness will you so often interpreted as superficiality. Above all of us Germans. I wish more of this kindness in my home. I like friendly interfaces. Maybe it’s at your kindness just to good education. And behind all the phrases and rituals are often hidden very intelligent people.

Important figures are inconspicuous

Most likely this was simply the remains of British understatement. In order to get not very far in Berlin and the rest of Germany. This volume works very well. But with your kindness I’m just efficiently than down corners of the mouth and Brüllerei.

The strange man in quite colorful and worn sports clothes sitting in a reading next to me, turns out in the subsequent question and answer session as a Stanford professor of philosophy.The boss of a fairly large company will appear in time for lunch in a very elegant restaurant. In impeccable suit.With very green sneakers.

The small, wiry, young Asian with baseball cap is not the Speaker of the Executive Board, but is itself the chief of the whole store. No, you did not need to costume up with the insignia of the hierarchies. Here’s just everyone who he is. I was allowed to wear my clothes without being noticed among all the stupid sports Jack carriers.

Success is not regarded with suspicion, but celebrated

The young people at your West Coast are going to program a new world in which we all live in the future. They make quite naturally and intuitively. Where are our problems – and how can we solve them? In each question, there must be an answer. If you think about it long enough. If you’re smart enough.

Do not go, there are not with you. Knowledge of digital technology and money to go here an almost magical connection. And it is you completely, no matter how we see it all, if we have objections, worries or concerns. It will happen anyway. Even without us.

Success is not suspiciously eyed at you, but celebrated. On the Internet one can read, for how much money and was bought by whom the opposite house. My neighbors drive two large jeeps.

His is black, she drives the white. Together, the car barely fit on the driveway. The neighbor on the other side runs a small, blue electric car. And bicycle. It is understood anyway. Exceptional performance and inimitability are required – and be promoted with a lot of money.

Freedom Is not Free

In your restaurants I have eaten the best food you can imagine. The best hamburgers anyway. Your wines are adorable. Your oceans, the mountains, the valleys, the cities, deserts – these incredible landscapes we know from the movies, it’s only with you. And above all the light. One has the sense all the time to play along in a very tastefully lit film and look much better than in Germany.

Yes. At the street corners of your large cities, there are a lot of misery. Who is not able to keep up in your big game about money and success can be found quickly on the road again as in Germany. Behind your smile, your happiness and the buffed sound of your language conceals a portion of ruthlessness. You know very well that there is not your freedom, your beauty, your uniqueness in vain.

It must be fought hard for it. And that makes you often harsh and unjust. But you know that yourself. And it looks like you’re growing in a position to change you over and over again and improve. That’s what I like about you. And please do not let yourself be one of us eternal wiseacres from old Europe into confusion. At the end you probably help us again from any trouble.

The author is deputy editor of the “World” group.




Freedom Industries & Omaha Explosion Done Deliberately

The West Virginia Chemical spill is a prime example of the International Economical Warfare currently happening in the United States. Freedom Industries has ties to many foreign countries who are using their businesses and foundations in America as cover-ups to cause extensive damage in America by merging many of their companies together to take control over vital corporations and businesses throughout America. Although, they are reporting their American based many of these American foreign business owners have strong ties to their countries who have a say in how the companies are run and operated. These countries discreet deadly actions are causing harm in America, H1N1 Pandemic, West Virginia Chemical Spill, NSA, Eric Snowden & Russia, and the current Omaha Animal Feed Plant Explosion!

 This should be a wake call! CABIRI, is trying to report what is going in America! Do not turn a deaf ear to what’s currently happening protect your families lives it could be them NEXT! There is much more to come if this information is not communicated too the American people! The United States government currently has their hands on this information and is not protecting American families they are keeping the information hidden from America due to the fact it is politically involved! CABIRI, has facts and proof of all occurrences currently happening and much more dangerous information that will prove the current economical warfare and who’s doing it! America we must deal with this now or all your families lives are at risk of being harmed or lets a hope not deadly, as for some who have already experienced this sad occurrence of losing a family member.

 The government is not telling the American people the real truth and CABIRI, has the truth and facts to protect all your families! It is your choices to continue to allow this to occur in our country by turning a deaf ear to what’s truly occurring in your country that is not being told to Americans! There is a serious economical warfare brought on by specific countries living in America and running businesses, one of your family members may be working for them! Do not wait on the government contact CABIRI now find out what is going on in your country. The proof has been accumulated for over a year and very terrifying. CABIRI is here to help save America and your families! It’s your choices America!

 The information is so vital CABIRI, has already been hacked, Web Cam’d and threatened by another country that knows CABIRI, is onto to their plots and corruption to harm America! Olympians do not go to Sochi you many not come back alive! The truth hurts although very real! See below for yourselves! 

                                                                       Related Economical Warfare Articles: 

Deaths confirmed in Omaha animal-feed plant explosion – 

Doctor angry Ohio executed inmate despite ‘horror’ warning –

Chemical-Related Hospital Admissions In West Virginia Have Doubled Since Water Deemed -Safe  -mcguire

NSA leaker Edward Snowden may have had Russian help

 H1N1 Is Now Epidemic, Flu Widespread In 40 States

Flu season child death toll doubles in CDC’s latest flu report



CABIRI – Consumer Business Industry Research and Investigations