Mis-Treatment of United States Veterans

Many veterans of today are experiencing mental, physical and life altering social ailments due to war, and traveling abroad into foreign territories. Upon returning to the United States these veterans have experienced and seen things they’ve never thought of enduring their entire lives. Sure, they signed up for the U.S. Military, which means they care for their country and are willing to risk their lives too protect the United States. Does this give the U.S. military, veterans hospitals, or society a reason to mistreat them for protecting America? If it wasn’t for many of these brave veterans numerous Americans and their families may not be alive today, if these veterans did not stand up and protect their homeland country for many years!

American veterans are returning home only to be faced with more disparity and confusion. Many of them have a very hard time re-adapting back into society, difficulties interacting with their families, jobs, eating and sleeping habits, re-adapting back into American society living environments, and getting used to new economical resources that were not present when serving abroad.

America becomes somewhat of a foreign country to these men and women. Some of their health conditions may not be visible to a regular citizen and some try and hide it very well, although many veterans have psychological dilemma’s or (flash backs), from being in a military environment for a long period of time. While active veterans try to stay alive and protect one another so everyone can get home too their families, and try and live normal lives. Which is becoming incomprehensible for many veterans, who are having a hard time re-adapting into society, and have no where to turn for additional help due to the lack of medical care and follow-up treatments available to them.

Research shows many veterans are having trouble with loneliness, emotionally distraught, nervousness, depression, homeless, alcoholism, drug addiction, internal diseases from foreign toxins and many other medical ailments. Many medications are prescribed by veteran doctors too keep many veterans semi-functional in society. This is a ticking time bomb waiting to happen, a mind, body and soul that’s been military reprogrammed and now heavily medicated in American civilization. American Veterans basically have to re-learn how to become a non-war, non foreign country, American citizen, which for many is a very difficult task.

America has to do better in helping veterans, these men and women have protected your life and many of your children lives. Why are they being treated as a burden to American society? Many veterans are mistreated in and out of the military, why would any human being with a real heart not want to take care of these men and women. It’s like the saying goes, Don’t bite the hand that feeds you! Every veteran has fed many families by protecting America from any harm, so many families could continue too eat and live the America Dream!

Many veterans are not getting proper medical treatment required. A reported instance in Ozark, Alabama where veterans are being forced to travel 45min to 2hrs. away just to receive proper medical treatments, medications and checkups, due to doctors at Fort Rucker Va. Hospital resigning, or finding other suitable employment less stressful elsewhere. Prior and new doctors, and nurses could not handle the excessive overflow of veteran patients in the area. Phone calls to the clinic are answered by a automated phone system, and no calls are being returned to many veteran patients needing immediate medication or medical assistance. This is unacceptable in this day and age, what are these veterans to do for immediate care, are their lives not important enough?

What are the elderly veterans to do if unable to drive? Many veterans have no family or have been displaced from their family members and can not drive long distances. This is no way for American society to treat these men and women who’ve fought to protect America. Every veteran should have the best medical care possible, along with any other thing that helps them recover and adapt back into American society, being able to lead comfortable lives for standing up for America which they thought was the right thing to do for all American people. Many American’s could never fathom being in a military environment for a extended period of time, let alone live and survive in a unknown country where nothing is the same as in America, realize every country is made to be uniquely different.

America let’s start showing more appreciation towards veterans whom all deserve complimentary awards from the American society for being brave souls, and protecting their homeland and saving many families from danger. It’s important too help return the favor and protect all veterans benefits and ensure proper extended medical treatment for new and old veterans who’ve protected many American families.

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