Freedom Industries & Omaha Explosion Done Deliberately

The West Virginia Chemical spill is a prime example of the International Economical Warfare currently happening in the United States. Freedom Industries has ties to many foreign countries who are using their businesses and foundations in America as cover-ups to cause extensive damage in America by merging many of their companies together to take control over vital corporations and businesses throughout America. Although, they are reporting their American based many of these American foreign business owners have strong ties to their countries who have a say in how the companies are run and operated. These countries discreet deadly actions are causing harm in America, H1N1 Pandemic, West Virginia Chemical Spill, NSA, Eric Snowden & Russia, and the current Omaha Animal Feed Plant Explosion!

 This should be a wake call! CABIRI, is trying to report what is going in America! Do not turn a deaf ear to what’s currently happening protect your families lives it could be them NEXT! There is much more to come if this information is not communicated too the American people! The United States government currently has their hands on this information and is not protecting American families they are keeping the information hidden from America due to the fact it is politically involved! CABIRI, has facts and proof of all occurrences currently happening and much more dangerous information that will prove the current economical warfare and who’s doing it! America we must deal with this now or all your families lives are at risk of being harmed or lets a hope not deadly, as for some who have already experienced this sad occurrence of losing a family member.

 The government is not telling the American people the real truth and CABIRI, has the truth and facts to protect all your families! It is your choices to continue to allow this to occur in our country by turning a deaf ear to what’s truly occurring in your country that is not being told to Americans! There is a serious economical warfare brought on by specific countries living in America and running businesses, one of your family members may be working for them! Do not wait on the government contact CABIRI now find out what is going on in your country. The proof has been accumulated for over a year and very terrifying. CABIRI is here to help save America and your families! It’s your choices America!

 The information is so vital CABIRI, has already been hacked, Web Cam’d and threatened by another country that knows CABIRI, is onto to their plots and corruption to harm America! Olympians do not go to Sochi you many not come back alive! The truth hurts although very real! See below for yourselves! 

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