What a country! A love letter to America – MUST READ AMERICA

                                Every American Citizen Should Read This Letter Addressed to American’s & ask yourself ?’s

                                   See how free spirited other countries truly think America Is!   What Are We Doing America

You’ve welcomed me with open arms. You are approached open and curious about me. You’ve taken me four months with you. Although you do not even knew who I am, what I can and what I want. That you did not care. You’ve answered all my questions, my strange pronunciation and my very mediocre English over listens politely.

I took only a few seconds indecisive stand on the street – always jumped me someone at your side who could show me the right way. I needed herumzustammeln only somewhat helpless and it was all helped me in a good mood. In the restaurant, the post office, in hotels, at the hairdresser, in the offices, in stores, at the gas station on the road.

You could not know if maybe I’m important. My employer is not very well known here. But you do not care. Almost all doors have opened, I was able to speak at least for a few minutes with all the interesting, intelligent and successful people I’ve always wanted to meet. I was allowed to look behind the scenes of the companies that I have always been most interested.

This is done, not spoken

Not for a second I have aggressive moods or irritability felt by which we know so well in Germany. On the contrary. I’m hit anywhere in serenity, coolness and a friendly self-confidence.

Many of the stories I’ve told in my German home, you have not understood correctly. Why is everything always so complicated in Germany? Why are people so critical and strict – especially with himself? You live, work and think very differently than we do. Talking to you is not anyway. Much rather you do something simple, without better to know everything always before. If something does not work, there is just a new start.

Your kindness will you so often interpreted as superficiality. Above all of us Germans. I wish more of this kindness in my home. I like friendly interfaces. Maybe it’s at your kindness just to good education. And behind all the phrases and rituals are often hidden very intelligent people.

Important figures are inconspicuous

Most likely this was simply the remains of British understatement. In order to get not very far in Berlin and the rest of Germany. This volume works very well. But with your kindness I’m just efficiently than down corners of the mouth and Brüllerei.

The strange man in quite colorful and worn sports clothes sitting in a reading next to me, turns out in the subsequent question and answer session as a Stanford professor of philosophy.The boss of a fairly large company will appear in time for lunch in a very elegant restaurant. In impeccable suit.With very green sneakers.

The small, wiry, young Asian with baseball cap is not the Speaker of the Executive Board, but is itself the chief of the whole store. No, you did not need to costume up with the insignia of the hierarchies. Here’s just everyone who he is. I was allowed to wear my clothes without being noticed among all the stupid sports Jack carriers.

Success is not regarded with suspicion, but celebrated

The young people at your West Coast are going to program a new world in which we all live in the future. They make quite naturally and intuitively. Where are our problems – and how can we solve them? In each question, there must be an answer. If you think about it long enough. If you’re smart enough.

Do not go, there are not with you. Knowledge of digital technology and money to go here an almost magical connection. And it is you completely, no matter how we see it all, if we have objections, worries or concerns. It will happen anyway. Even without us.

Success is not suspiciously eyed at you, but celebrated. On the Internet one can read, for how much money and was bought by whom the opposite house. My neighbors drive two large jeeps.

His is black, she drives the white. Together, the car barely fit on the driveway. The neighbor on the other side runs a small, blue electric car. And bicycle. It is understood anyway. Exceptional performance and inimitability are required – and be promoted with a lot of money.

Freedom Is not Free

In your restaurants I have eaten the best food you can imagine. The best hamburgers anyway. Your wines are adorable. Your oceans, the mountains, the valleys, the cities, deserts – these incredible landscapes we know from the movies, it’s only with you. And above all the light. One has the sense all the time to play along in a very tastefully lit film and look much better than in Germany.

Yes. At the street corners of your large cities, there are a lot of misery. Who is not able to keep up in your big game about money and success can be found quickly on the road again as in Germany. Behind your smile, your happiness and the buffed sound of your language conceals a portion of ruthlessness. You know very well that there is not your freedom, your beauty, your uniqueness in vain.

It must be fought hard for it. And that makes you often harsh and unjust. But you know that yourself. And it looks like you’re growing in a position to change you over and over again and improve. That’s what I like about you. And please do not let yourself be one of us eternal wiseacres from old Europe into confusion. At the end you probably help us again from any trouble.

The author is deputy editor of the “World” group.