Snowden vs International Conspiracy

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Snowden America is not the Culprits your Friends Are!

  There’s proof of extensive spying and much more in the United States that has been going on for decades!  Your friends have just mastered the art of American manipulation! Snowden please get the facts straight you have been snowballed into a mess of untruth’s. There is current intelligence that proves, Snowden is mistakenly wrong! He definitely his facts all backwards. It’s actually the reverse, America has been being spied on since Franklin D. Roosevelt ceased assets and sent others back to their country for doing corrupt business practices in the United States. They’ve spent decades spying and doing anything else they could think of to get back over to America to learn and regain economical resources, land, intelligence, American business knowledge and ownership. This has been going on since World I and II. Snowden, apparently didn’t do his homework and piece their patterns and sneaky practices together, his foreign counter-partners have been spying and using corrupt practices in America for quite some time now, probably before Snowden was even born.

 There is proof they have diligently and privately infiltrated major economical markets in America, which impacts American lives. We also know, that they are triggering a series of events in America, due to the fact their on alert, and now know America has caught onto their shenanigans and illicit corrupt practices and sooner or later it will all be exposed. Snowden focus is only on the NSA, his foreign friends infiltrations runs deeper than the NSA in America, and they know it. They are using Snowden and he doesn’t realize it and in the end it will all be exposed for all the world to know including him. Snowden is trying to make America out to be the bad apple when it’s actually been the other foreign countries who’ve been in America plotting. These specific foreign countries need to stop bashing and causing chaos in America and around the world, and just tell the real truth, and learn to work together and build a friendly International and America partnership! 

 Please do not take it out innocent lives, who have nothing to do with it. Your sequence of harming events in America are becoming very noticeable to someone, just as Snowden, who is holding in their hands information that can prove, all your prior and current deceitful actions in America.

The pattern you are using has been exposed and you can not continue to allow Snowden to report and blame U.S. for deceitful corrupt practices when it’s your country that has been doing the damage. Snowden has been bribed, coerced and I’m sure threatened at this point, although that was his choice to take a chance and turn on his country, that has been good to him and his family. Now never to see his family again, all for nothing when the real truth comes out, Snowden will wish he never got involved.

 It’s truly going to be sad for Snowden, and the other country, when they are finally exposed proving they have been leading America and the world astray for decades, and they’re actually the one’s that are causing havoc and are currently doing harm in America. We know many of you are based in New Jersey and NY & scattered throughout America’s 50 states, and we know you have access to many of our vital resources.

  The incident on the Royal Caribbean did not just all of sudden happen and a coincidence. There is proof you have made  diseases decades ago, that you’ve enhanced and brought the nasty diseases over from your country, and you are now using them on American people to cause us harm, amongst the other chain of events you’ve been setting off. This is no way to act, harming innocent lives, if there is a problem, rational business people sit down and come to an agreement or some type of resolution working together as a united global country.

 Remember whether International or American all of your next generational children have to live in this world, do you want them to live in a world of chaos. Those days are long gone it’s time to come forward and move forward, and do the right thing by all human beings in America and your countries, whether we like it or not the world is now diverse. Every human being wants to live a nice joyous life no matter where you live! 

Greed and corruption is not the way to get there, it will eventually end up coming back too you full circle. “Honesty and Truth is the best policy!”

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