Germany News Kim Kardashian and Germany ??

Germany rules to abolish 3% threshold quota on European elections

Andreas Vosskuhle says entry hurdle violated constitution and had prevented parties from getting a fair hearing  Germany violating it’s own constitution. They truly don’t care about America’s constitution, how can they be top business owners in America? They have their own separate country constitution that differs from America? 

 German Retail phenomenal start to the year

2.5 percent the previous month sales rose in January. This is the best start to the year for seven years – and far more than expected by experts. In the plus clothing was particularly high.

For clothing, the Germans gave in January of 4.1 percent more than in October
The German retailers have their sales in January as strong as no longer increased for almost seven years. The proceeds covered by 2.5 percent in the previous month, said the Federal Statistics Office on Friday

Also, price-adjusted (real) there was an increase of 2.5 percent. Economists polled by Reuters had expected only here with a growth of one percent. In the important Christmas season in December, a decline of 2.1 per cent was to book.

Also compared with the January 2013 attracted to the sales – and by two percent. Real remained an increase of 0.9 percent. The revenue in the commercial showed particularly strong on textiles, clothing, footwear and leather goods with real 4.1 percent.

Online trading records a significant increase – ??? U.S. Increase in Germany

Pharmaceutical Increases due to American Citizens –  In pharmacies and trading with the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and medical products, an increase of 3.7 percent was achieved. The Internet and mail order products increased by 3.2 percent. The retail sale of food suffered with 2.1 percent, the highest losses in the other hand.

The trade association HDE expects this year with a sales increase of 1.5 percent. 2013, the increase was 1.1 percent. The buying mood of the Germans is the Nuremberg market researchers from GfK According to currently almost seven years no more – mainly because of the job situation and the prospect of rising wages.


Merkel must meet the British – for Europe –  She’s in control of Germany – Europe – Britain- U.S.

The British Chancellor Angela Merkel prepares a great reception. In London, one hopes for a historic deal with Germany. And that is also necessary for a freer Europe. By Alan Posene


Germany degenerates into dictatorship of pensioners – Children will get the right to vote in Germany? 


Waltz, breakdown, princesses – and a fight – Kim Kardashian – relaxing with the Germans

You should be the star of 58 Viennese Opera Ball will be and has been specially hired by tycoon Richard liar: Kim Kardashian (center). – Viennese Opera Ball with strict Kim Kardashian – There were of course the usual margins in advance. How many of their predecessors should also Lugners this year’s chosen one, the U.S. self Actress Kim Kardashian,at the latest on the afternoon autograph session in Lugners shopping center have dawned, and she had gotten herself into. Anyway, she made her first escape attempt and escaped into the hands of the Germans.

 Bled webcam images of millions of Yahoo users –  Documents of Edward Snowden suggest that the British intelligence agency GCHQ has for years tapped webcam stills of Yahoo chat. Also sexually explicit recordings will be among them. 

Tom Firley  knows the full range of finance and investments from 15 years of market experience. His fans will benefit from what he has to say to an investment in real estate, a specific commodity or share the U.S. economic data. If you your finances and shares are important. – Germany’s U.S. investment experts?

Germany Tainted Drugs – 

At Bureau Veritas, an internationally renowned laboratory, 118 products came to the test. Abbreviations: KS = plastic, SCCP = short-chain chlorinated paraffins, Br = bromine, Pb = lead, SVHC = Substances of Very High Concern (according to REACH Regulation), DEHP = di (2-ethylhexal) phthalate, DBP = dibutyl phthalate, diisobutyl phthalate DIPB =, TCEP and flame retardant HBCDD =

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 Hendricks torpedoed trade agreement with U.S. Environment Minister Hendricks working on a realignment of the German positive attitude to the trade agreement between the EU and U.S.. She fears the “deviation from standards through the back door.” By Florian Eder more – Germany’s health Insurance and gas card & mobile phone??  120,00 EUR mobile premium. Just like that!For members and new members of BKK Mobil Oil.Find out more now and secure premium. Full benefits, great bonus. –

The EU needs the UK at its heart – but you need us too
It’s fine to want to reform the union – I do too – but talk of an exit will be disastrous for the UK and weaken us all –



Angela Merkel has Britain’s future in her hands

If she picks her moment, the German chancellor could make a huge and positive difference to the British debate about Europe –  She has America in her hands with the pharmaceutical corporations –

No special treatment for UK over Europe, says Angela Merkel

German chancellor tells parliament Britain must retain central role in Europe but says patience of EU’s other leaders is finite
Germany – Europe leading to take over America and the World! Next stop UKRAINE if they can
beat Russia
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UK and Germany: are we more natural friends than foes?

Answer to U.K. spying on American citizens. They’re partners with Germany who are running America’s top pharmaceutical business and biotech companies and many more! America is now shunned to the hands of foreign countries control and power!

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Moscow offered rate for Crimea / Russia looking for him a $ 5 billion investment


Moscow offered rate for Crimea – Russia is looking for a $ 5 billion investment – The international russia to the empire – Europe – Russia? 

Prime – China will plead with Ukraine due to failure of a contract for $ 3 billion

Prime – Deripaska: Sochi facilities are not designed to “civilian” life


“Gazprom” reduces gas price for Greece by 15% from July 1, 2013

Russia has decided to send to Europe “South Stream”

Running gas pipeline “South Stream” was held December 7, 2012 near Anapa. Commercial deliveries by pipeline to Europe is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2016, and bring the project to its full capacity – 63 billion cubic meters a year – in 2018. The total cost of the “South Stream”, including land plots, estimated at 16 billion euros. “Gazprom” is constructing a pipeline across the Black Sea to South and Central Europe in order to diversify export routes of natural gas. To implement the onshore part of the project with Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Greece, Slovenia and Croatia intergovernmental agreements were signed. Read more Help RIA News >>