West Virginia chemical spill: how residents are coping three weeks later


This is sickening to see! Cabiri set up a fund and has not received a dime to help these people it seems Americans has no compassion for these poor people. It was not their faults! America Please don’t say you don’t know CABIRI, we have over 2,000 followers and counting!

What if you were in their shoes what would you do for yourself and your children! This is so sad, right here in America their is no caring human beings anymore. Everyone is out for themselves! Instead of helping one another like the olden days!

The foreign company culprits are not being held accountable at all and were able to move their toxins from one part of W.V. to another part of W.V. and file bankruptcy! This is not justice in America this is a slap in the face to many American families in W.V. who still don’t have clean drinking water to bathe, cook or feed their babies. Is this what Americans turned into a NON – CARING COUNTRY!