America Now Europe

                                                    Who’s in control of America


This report is for every American ignoring the many signs of the International Economical Warfare in America. If you take the time out of your busy lives, and look at the news you will see that America is now being controlled by international countries, who are changing laws all throughout America. 

These international countries have no idea about American History, they are turning America into how they see fit, or how they are used too living in their countries. Many Americans should be aware there is no country more advanced than America. In this day in age, it’s quite the reverse America has now become a non caring international controlled country, who wants to kill American prisoners execution style! 

When the European Union, is in the same sentence as the Ohio prison systems there is a major problem in America! How is this possible? Where did Europe come into play in changing laws in America? Which leads to the next question, Where did they get the authority and power in America who elected them into American legislative office’s, or is this the perk of being part of ALEC, the private organization led by the Republican party? 

Who would elect internationals onto American Legislative boards, allowing them to change American country laws, they know nothing about! America has a history for a reason, which was put in place by American Founding Forefathers, so what right do they have in changing America’s laws! Who in the world is allowing this to happen! This is a disaster for every American citizen! 

A international country has no idea what the U.S. Constitution or Bill Right’s mean in America. How can they start changing laws for the sake of American lives and our children the next generation. 

America, is not Europe, Germany, Korea, or China, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Nigeria, Israel, Iran, India or any other country! So who in their right minds would give another country power in America!

All Governmental officials in America should be summoned to find out what legislative leaders are working with International countries and giving them power to control American’s Government, Bills and Economical resources to benefit their country. 

This is a HUGE DISAPPOINT, to  the Founding Fathers of America! They are surely flipping around in their graves, knowing this is happening to their country they worked hard to protect! Yes, they are running America from their countries and taking America’s money and resources, this is the reason why Americas are suffering! 

This can not be anymore! CABIRI, will fight to keep other countries from taking control of America! This is America and international countries can not have our country or take it away or change it! 

Every American, should stand up and start demanding the same, or guess what this will not be America soon! Then what will all of your American children do by living the rules of another country! This is a serious matter and every American better Wake UP! 

Stand up America Fight Against – Economical Warfare


Freelance Editor