Sponsors Needed

CABIRI, is seeking sponsors to assist with communicating extensively detailed information concerning the current Economical Warfare in America! Planned out plots are occurring in America that are impacting the American society!

If the detailed information is brought to the forefront America can move forward with changes! If nothing, is said or done every American citizens must start preparing to live by another country’s rules and regulations, which is occurring now!

Many Americans are dying and it has to end!There are things being done privately and discreetly! If you care about your American country and can help a new fast growing business, who is trying too save many American lives from disparity please reply!

 America is in major trouble, if this information is not communicated and dealt with, every American must get ready to lose all their American rights! Every day it’s a new disaster impacting many American families! This can be stopped if the real truth comes out,the Government is not reporting to the American public!

Major support is needed to get the true facts out to the public, there is a  huge force to reckon with! If no true American’s respond we all must start digging our own American graves including our children! Alarming things are happening behind closed doors; many Americans are unaware of, that has to be told. Also, understand no changes can be made in America no matter how hard you try if non Americans are in control!
You will be wasting your time! 


Freelance Editor

Please email consumer2savlives@gmail.com or info@cabiri.com, if you can help sponsor too help save your country!