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U.S. Green Card in addition to the BUSINESS
How to turn your hotel cost $ 20 million to $ 200 million ski resort? American businessman Bill Stanger reached this result thanks to funding through a U.S. government program that provides foreign investors and their families green card if they invest in certain projects, stimulating the economy.
Introduces us to the action of the program lawyer from Miami, Florida Irina Rostov, dealing with issues of business immigration.
Jay City, located in the state of Vermont on the border with Canada. Here in the picturesque Northern Appalachians, located Jay Peak ski resort, in recent years has turned into a major tourist complex with an indoor water park, two hotels, cottages, restaurants and bars surrounded by ski slopes and speed lifts, thanks to a program for international investors EB- 5.
Bill Stanger, general manager, president and co-owner of the resort since 1985 worked as the manager of the hotel. From tourists, he learned that in America there is an immigration program EB-5 which investors can acquire residence in the United States. This program was created in 1990 when President George HW Bush, but enjoy great popularity began after 2005, when introduced changes in the law, facilitate the development of large projects with many foreign investors. Undoubted advantage of this program is to obtain Green Cards quickness. Permission for a temporary, two-year green card, usually come within 8-14 months from the filing date. In 2012, the U.S. government issued about 8,000 EB-5 visas. Chinese citizens who are very familiar with this program, received 5735 of these visas. Russians are just now learning about it, and yet only 77 visas were obtained Russian citizens.
Get the EB-5 visa can be a traditional method or through a program of regional centers. Using the traditional method, an investor invests typically $ 1 million dollars in business, which he directs and which should create at least ten jobs. A program of regional centers allows you to combine contributions from foreign investors in the limited partnership and invest in projects submitted for approval by the Citizenship and Immigration Services United States (USCIS). Since these projects are almost always in areas with high unemployment or low population density, the amount of investment required is reduced to $ 500,000 and this is allowed to take into account indirect jobs created. Very attractive is that the investor should not create business itself. Only need to select the project and make capital. Regional Center and developer fully assume the responsibilities associated with the development of the project and current affairs.

Projected income from such projects 1% -6% per annum, but the return on investment is usually made within 5-7 years from the date of investment.
Given all this, Stanger went to the leadership of Vermont, and persuaded the government to register your own Regional Center. Together with the then state governor Howard Dean, he took an active part in the establishment of the Regional Centre, which has support at the federal level in the face of an old-timer of the Senate Patrick Leahy. Incidentally, this Center is the only regional center, which is owned by and under the full control of the state government.
In Stanger projects since 2006 invested more than 550 people from 74 countries. And more than 500 of them have received a Green Card and can live in any state in America, regardless of the location of the project on which they have acquired a residence permit.
In the heart of the resort Jay Peak, commissioned in 2011, stands on a hillside impressive indoor waterpark with a retractable glass roof, numerous water slides, with artificial waves and slow river, designed with respect to energy-saving technologies.100 million people live in the U.S. and Canada within four hours drive from the resort. Therefore, to attract tourists in the summer, thus expanding source of income, was built exclusive golf course, golf club set, golf academy, equipped space for training. Hotel rooms are made with American scale, huge, fully equipped kitchens, bedrooms.Built spa, indoor ice rink, children’s learning center for skiing and kindergartens. For two years the resort has surpassed the projected workload and income by 20%. A first group of investors in the first quarter of this year, will get a return on investment of $ 500,000.
In 2012, a supporter of the program Eb-5 Sen. Patrick Leahy used projects Jay Peak, as a successful example of this program during the session of Congress, where it was decided to extend for a further three years of its existence.
“Since the project must be approved by the Immigration Service to obtain a Green Card, his choice is the key to success in the EB-5, – says Irina Rostov. – Approval of draft statements investors Jay Peak 100%. So Vermont Regional Center certainly enjoys the confidence of immigration lawyers. ”

Bill Stanger and his business partner Ariel Kviros continue to develop new projects worth more than half a billion dollars. At the heart – a successful formula: attracting foreign investors wishing to diversify their financial portfolios and acquire residence in the United States, the system of checks and state support in the face of Vermont Regional Center in order to guarantee the implementation of EB-5 program, equity investments and Kviros Stanger, exceeding $ 90 million, and finally, the development of projects under the existing demand.
Currently, the following programs:
In the town of Burke – tourist ski resort with a budget of $ 104.7 million hotel with 116 rooms, aqua center, indoor tennis courts and an Olympic-size swimming pools. Academy of ski this city came 29 Olympians, but first-class ski slopes near this hotel would be the first. Construction will begin in spring 2014. Stanger predicts that the hotel will be open for the winter season 2015-2016 year.
In Newport, located on the shores of picturesque Lake Memphremagog, will be built Research Medical Center. The project budget is $ 118 million in revenue will come from rent for medical research and production of medications Korean company AnC Bio, which opened a branch in Vermont in 2012. Built complex under specific customers – more than 25% of the premises booked under long-term contracts.
On the other side of the lake – Hotel “Marina” to the convention center. Budget of $ 100 million, followed by reconstruction projects main streets of the city of Newport and the expansion of the runway of the Newport Airport
Acting Gov. Peter Shumlin, pays tribute to Stanger for the successful organization of such large-scale projects and fundraising for business people who want to have a business and obtain a residence permit in the United States.

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