U.S. Constitution Violations

Be Aware of American Business Idea’s that are being replicated

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Recently, there’s been an excessive amount of hacking into several America based businesses. Well America that’s not all what’s happening in America behind the scenes, if you dig a little deeper you will view replications of America’s businesses that have popped up between 2002-2014. These new international business owners in other countries are mimicking American business concepts and idea’s. For instance many may not now there’s a fairly new Russian business that is attempting to duplicate YouTube.

 Another American replication is Domain.com – The replicated new international company, sells domain names and hosting all over the world in every category, it’s very interesting the company’s copyright states, the website became active 2002-2014, so it’s a fairly new company, which happens to be based out of Europe. Recently, Kickstarter a online business start up company was hacked, the website is where a entrepreneur can post their business idea’s and concepts, to assist them in finding funding for their business or project. Unfortunately, due to all the excessive unknown hacking’s America can no longer put business information online or email information on the internet from fear of your idea’s,concepts, inventions or personal information being stolen by unknown hackers who are taking vital information and using it to their advantage, god knows where! 

 This is a devastation to many new business starters such as CABIRI, who currently was in the process of using the website KickStarter, now the fear of business replication is looming. The recent hacking’s have become inevitable to many entrepreneurs. It also seems to be a sudden surge of business hacking’s since Eric Snowdens, leakages and United States NSA debacles.  

Many International countries have dug too deep into America’s territories! These actions are violating the United States constitution. “John Jay,” a prior American Forefather fought for a powerful, balanced centralized systematical government, to prevent this type of activity from occurring in America decades later. “John Jay,” wrote in his Federalist Papers; which are presumed to be a series of 85 letters, directed towards the American public persuading American citizens to change the proposed Articles of the United States Constitution, to benefit and protect America, and it’s American people, in that specific era of time if the Government, States and/or Judicial systems are not doing so for the American people of the United States.

 Forefather, John Jay specifically emphasized keeping in place the 64th Article which states; the dangers of foreign force, and influence over American citizens and the United States government. He also mentioned the United States Senate are the owners of the foreign treaties, who should adhere to upholding foreign treaty laws according to the United States Constitution. Whereas, to monitor and be aware of foreign dangers, harming the country of America and its naturalized American born citizens. This is surely a major issue in America with the new influx of unknown undocumented internationals and their families currently residing and hiding in America.

 The International oversight is becoming more knowledgeable in America. Many new foreign culprits have taken over many economic markets in America, the United States Constitution specifically states the American government is to prevent these foreign actions from occurring in America. International newcomers have been allowed entry into America for decades, who’ve gained idea’s, and concepts, by utilizing American colleges, learning American industry knowledge and by working in America’s corporations, also by owning and operating large and small American corporations, this is partly by way of the United State’s EB-5 immigration bill, which gives immigrants and their families, American business investment opportunities.

 Internationals have been given many privileges on the Federal and State levels, allowing them to change laws in America to benefit their top corporations who control a vast majority America. They have infiltrated and bribed many American agencies, agency workers, and government officials. They’ve become members of many American governmental boards, branches and agencies, which are all meant to protect the naturalized citizens of America, according to the United States Constitution.

 Now all of the international United States governmental culprits, are currently replicating many United States businesses from their home countries using the world wide web to market their new American business replications. The foreign countries are manipulating America in every facet to benefit their countries, if you view the excessive amounts of increased revenue’s and stocks in Russia, Germany, Europe, France and the U.K., realize there are many American factors that were acquired to get them to that point in their countries. They’ve skillfully gained control over many American markets, now expanding around the world partnering with many other countries such as South Africa, China, Dutch, Austria, and Argentina.This is while keeping a firm grip on American territories These carefully planned American manipulations makes them a unstoppable force all around the world in every industry.

 All the above actions mentioned above are direct violations of the United States Constitution that has impacted every United States citizen of America! 


 Other factors to also be weary of along with the hacking’s and U.S. Business replications, is the conflict of interest with the European-German descents residing in America, whom are prior and current appointed Supreme court officials, and part of many American Federal, State, and Legislative top Governmental agencies, corporations,and businesses. Which causes a huge conflict of interest for many pending corporate and business court cases who happen to be German or European owned. American’s are surely not getting fair justice, which again is a direct violation of America’s United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. These current documents written by previous American forefathers are definitely not being upheld by the American Government or its officials, for the sake of America or it’s naturalized American born citizens of the United States and their next generational children of America. 

There are many things to think about in America? One big question, Is America now the next Europe or Germany? 

Editor’s Note: 

One last note before reviewing business replications and constitutional law violations. Be aware, that the Legislative Age range, which the United State’s Constitution spells out specifically, is between 25yrs – 75yrs of age., So why are America’s Governmental, Federal, Legislative and Executive branches filled with many older leaders who do not understand the newer generations? This activity must change in America, many middle-aged leaders should be in the mix just as the prior Forefathers outlined in the United State’s Constitution, even they realized, at some point older leaders would not be able to keep up with the newer generational changes of each decade, and a time would come where new leadership must have a variable age group for the fairness and equality of America and it’s naturalized born American citizens.

 America the time has come to make many changes, for our Country and the next generations. If nothing is done, everyone must prepare to live a life of misery, disparity and inequality for yourself, your children and your grandchildren. International waters are running deep all throughout the United States. Many of the international top leaders, do not know what it means to live pay check to pay check, get laid-off, unemployed, or lose their home and/or business. See below relevant articles, you can come to your own conclusions about your Constitutional and Bill of Rights as an American citizen. 

FYI: U.S. SUPREME COURT Justices are of  Roman Catholic Religion 

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