American Citizens Have Hidden Treasure’s in Hawaii

“American Citizen Treasures,” are being held and hidden by the United States Congress and other corrupt members of America’s Governmental society

 The American citizens have been lied to for decades, held down by their own U.S. Government and it’s corrupt members. CABIRI, has been on a crusade trying to figure out what is going in America. Research showed a current economical warfare with international culprits, plotting against the American people of the United States, which holds true in every facet possible, although much more untold to the American Citizens.

 In researching the economical warfare, American citizens have been targeted by it’s own American Government, SEC, Wall Street’s top Interlocking investors, the Vatican and the Jesuits and many more wealthy conspirators corrupting America, affecting many human lives. Did you know that the U.S. Congress is holding American Citizens Treasures worth Zillions of dollars and more, left by President JFK, which is being held at the Bank of Hawaii? Did you know JFK passed a Green Hilton bill for the American people, then was killed 10 days later for implementing.

 There are video’s attached for all American’s to view and come to your own conclusions, and decide if your American Treasures and your country are worth fighting for? Every American should agree, if hidden treasures were left for the naturalized American citizens of the United States, its every true American citizens right to get what is due to their families to bring many out of poverty and homelessness, or pay off America’s debt to China!

 Karen Hudes, a 21 year former attorney of the World Bank, is America’s life savior and deserves a American honor, for not being afraid to stand up for her country, and let the American people know the truth about these hidden American treasures, and the decades of American corruptions, and who it involves. Below you will view her video, where she explains in detail what is truly happening in the United States of America. Karen is a very creditable, “American Whistle Blower” who has her facts straight and is trying effortlessly to help her country. She also is a naturalized American citizen and cares what happens the American citizens of America.“Kudos to Karen Hudes and many others who are fighting for their American country.” Many are just sitting around letting America go to “Hell in a hand Basket” which many of their children and grandchildren will be the poor souls who will suffer! 

 It’s really a crying shame Karen had to reach out to other countries to get help, although, if this is what American’s citizens have to endure, helping prevent corruption in the United States, imposed by the U.S. Congress and other corrupt members of the American Government than so be it! True born passionate American’s will fight for what is right, and rightfully for the American citizens of the United States. Voice of America which is led by the U.S. Congress has been corrupt for a long period of time and has covered up decades of scandals and corruption against America and the America citizens. Time to start asking questions America?

 Many top entities and individuals such as; the SEC, General Dempsey, Corporate America, Investors, Jesuits, and the Vatican have kept American’s from being wealthy by holding back American Citizen Treasure’s, left to all by President JFK, which consist of Diamonds, Gold, Paintings, and Uncut Dollars and more to be untold. These hidden treasures were kept specifically for the American people, so why in the world is America in shambles and true American Citizens are suffering for no reason at all. This is a pure disgrace to every American citizen and the powers at be should be ashamed of themselves for impacting millions of human lives unnecessarily, this is cruel and unjust!

 American’s have every right to start voicing concerns, opinions, and have a centralized trustworthy organization to report corruption, which is not affiliated with any other governmental entity, since they are all untrustworthy. A newly formed organization for the American people will be the power force for every American citizen against corruption. The organization will fight for every naturalized American born citizens, helping to change United State’s constitutional laws the U.S. Supreme court judicial members whom are majority Roman Catholic and some Jew religious descents, which is a conflict of interest between the Vatican and the Roman Catholic religions. Which the United State’s constitution attests! America there is so much more we can unite and do, as strong American citizens of the United States. Americans need a great team too help protect many lives and the next generations to come.

 As Karen Hudes, CABIRI, and many other members, and organization of society are trying to“Wake Up the American citizens of the United States,” everyone must stand as one “American Nation” a citizens force to take back our country from these corrupt members of society, who care nothing about human lives and our well-being! Other countries should not have to step in and fight our home battles. American’s are strong citizens and we can hold our own, U.K., China, Germany, or Russia should not have to help us. Also honest American citizens should not be subjected to fleeing the country to speak their peace against World leaders, Governments, and U.S. Congress Members of the United States, from fear of being retaliated against, this is totally ridiculous and unfair to American citizens. These individuals are only trying too help protect their country, and their fellow American’s of the United States, along with trying help move the world in the right direction for the next generations. Is something wrong with that?

 There are millions of true American’s out there who want to make a change for the next generations, and now is the time to start doing so. The decades of corruption can not continue to impact human lives anymore in America we are human beings not animals, and should be treated with dignity and respect. America is not a 3rd world country and should not be treated as so, there is no rhyme or reason American citizens are being treated unfairly and living in poverty, and having to compete with new United States foreign citizens who have more wealth than American citizens. This is shameful and hurtful to every American citizen!

 These shenanigans have to stop! CABIRI is asking every American citizen out there to join aboard and fight for your Hidden Treasure’s, a previous forefather; who was killed for doing so, left for you and your American family. America if you think this is a “joke” watch the below video’s and read the economical warfare blogs. You will be enlightened. All American Citizens must come out of their, shells and bubble worlds to fight for what’s right in America, or your children and grandchildren will be the only generations suffering in the end if nothing is done now!

 CABIRI, is seeking a team of successful dedicated true American Citizens willing to help fight for the American People and their Hidden Treasure’s! All true born American citizens must start standing up, volunteer, donate or contribute in any form or fashion! Now is the time, and it’s imperative! The next generation of children matter and deserve support in helping them move forward into the next decade.

 Every American please view all attached video’s and if you agree, then American citizen join “CABIRI Ventures” a new business for the American people– Which will raise funds for the American citizens to fight for, and conquer the hidden American Citizen Treasures from the Bank of Hawaii! This is to help every naturalized American born citizens, and the next American generations to come. This fund will be used solely to combat the corrupt powers that be, whom are lying to all American citizens. The organization will be called “American Citizens Hidden Treasures” or ACHT. For every strong American citizen ready to fight, and is interested in getting what’s rightfully yours “Wealth” saved for you and your American families, join in and help us fight, together as one nation, demanding the release of American Citizens Hidden Treasures, President JFK left for every American born citizen.

 The second organization CABIRI will form for the American citizens, so these type of corrupt shenanigans never happen again in America, is a spin-off from actually the U.K., it will be the American Citizens Public Service Reform – ACPSR, this organization will give every American citizen a voice, and hold top Government officials and others accountable for their corrupt activities against American citizens. Voice’s will be heard in every state around the country where there is corruption and inhumane activities against American citizens of the United States. Every American born citizen has a right to Freedom of Speech in America, and it’s written in the United States Constitution. ACPSR, will be our way of letting the government and the world know American Citizens will not tolerate any type of nonsense in our country anymore and American’s are fed up with all the excessive corruption.

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