American Citizens Have Hidden Treasure’s in Hawaii

Special Report – Urgent Message!

Consumer Advocacy Business Industry Research & Investigations (CABIRI)

“American Citizen Treasures,” are being held and hidden by the United States Congress and other corrupt members of America’s Governmental society

 The American citizens have been lied to for decades, held down by their own U.S. Government and it’s corrupt members. CABIRI, has been on a crusade trying to figure out what is going in America. Research showed a current economical warfare with international culprits, plotting against the American people of the United States, which holds true in every facet possible, although much more untold to the American Citizens.

 In researching the economical warfare, American citizens have been targeted by it’s own American Government, SEC, Wall Street’s top Interlocking investors, the Vatican and the Jesuits and many more wealthy conspirators corrupting America, affecting many human lives. Did you know that the U.S. Congress is holding American Citizens Treasures worth Zillions of dollars and more, left by President JFK…

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