Color Labeling in America

Special Report: Color Profiling in America

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What Is a African – American

 Did you ever wonder why African – American’s are the only ethnicity that have two names, besides Puerto Ricans? By which Puerto Rican’s are named after their country. Why does society place a name on all people of color, as coming from African nations. When actually many people of color aren’t from Africa and never have been their? This labeling has placed an unfair and inequality on many American born people of color who are not from Africa at all.


This is a huge misconception in the world, there are many ethnicity’s in the world who did not come from one country. In fact, many other ethnicity’s have various mixed blood-lines in their families, which consist of multiple nationalities.


For instance:

Caucasian may be mixed with the following blood lines– Irish, German, French, Asian, African, Korean, Jewish, Hungarian, Indian, Italian, Latino…

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