Crimes against American veterans – Eugenics Theory!

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Mis-Treatment of United States Veterans

Many veterans of today are experiencing mental, physical and life altering social ailments due to war, and traveling abroad into foreign territories. Upon returning to the United States these veterans have experienced and seen things they’ve never thought of enduring their entire lives. Sure, they signed up for the U.S. Military, which means they care for their country and are willing to risk their lives too protect the United States. Does this give the U.S. military, veterans hospitals, or society a reason to mistreat them for protecting America? If it wasn’t for many of these brave veterans numerous Americans and their families may not be alive today, if these veterans did not stand up and protect their homeland country for many years!

American veterans are returning home only to be faced with more disparity and confusion. Many of them have a very hard time re-adapting…

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