Homeless children in America – Eugenics Theory Hinder America’s Next Generation

America’s Brutal Homeless Crisis – Why are Americans and their children homeless?

America why are our children homeless in America. From a personal known experience there is a horrific amount of displaced children in America. It’s come to the point where their parents can’t even make ends meet to help or support their own children! Why is this happening in America. 

Why are our children living on the street and going hungry! Many of these children have jobs, although are still homeless, why is this? America citizens must react to this problem, we must stand together to save this  American generation. This is very sickening and sad and hurtful. 

The major problem is that many middle-aged citizens can no longer support themselves let alone help their children. Many middle-aged parents are sharing their houses and apartments in America just to survive. 

America we must save ourselves an our children. We must get the next generation off the streets, if not who will be the next generation to lead America if all our children are homeless! 

Please help save our children, start a fund or give them housing based on their credentials and their jobs. They all deserve a chance in life! If you love your children or grandchildren you will stand up and help save them! This is horrific in this day and age. 

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Please read articles America we must fight together as American citizens to save America’s next generation! If not were will our children go what will happen to them?




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