International Hackers are stealing American Entrepreneurs business information

CABIRI, has spotted several new business idea’s by entrepreneurs that are being stolen by international countries! These countries are setting up websites with no contact information, just email contact info.! The multitude of recent hacking’s were done for a reason America! Please Wake UP!! 

Americans have no chance in fighting a war against all of the New international hackers, top corporate business owners and governmental leaders. What are Americans to do! Americans hard work of business concepts and idea’s have been stripped away from them by international hackers, who will now profit from a American business idea in their country by using American citizens! Like many of them are doing currently now! Steadily sending money back to their countries! 

Also American entrepreneurs Do not trust any Investor site’s that want you to put your business information out there it will get stolen!

That’s the main problem these countries have plenty of cash to go around! American entrepreneurs can’t find any American investors to help get their business started, unless they are foreign! In the meantime, these entrepreneurs concepts and idea’s are being set up and used in America by international culprits behind closed doors, who have hacked into systems, emails or retrieved information by fake investment request information! 

America and the internet is becoming a total nightmare led by international countries living, stealing and taking all of American citizens land, food, chemicals, oil, consumer products, pharmaceutical drugs, houses, book companies, film, entertainment, and many more economical resources! 

American citizens it is time to wake up! The international culprits are beating Americans and taking everything away from American families that is rightfully theres as a American citizen, along with killing off the American population via Eugenics Theory.

The U.S. Government is allowing this to happen! WHY!! The bickering has to stop in congress between parties to focus on what these new international business owners are truly doing over here in America! There are pulling out all the stops to gain control fast! 

Please wake up! All America must start seeing the light, or America will soon be led by all international non-friendly countries! They are here for a reason America. Certain countries are posting ads on their foreign websites on how to get a U.S. Visa & How to pass the U.S. Visa Tests!

These international countries are getting help from their counter partners who already reside in America, many of them are already top American business owners, helping them along the way with these start ups, new businesses or corporations & There is proof America! The U.S. Government is keeping major issue’s hidden from all American citizens! Snowden is attacking the U.S. all while the U.S. is being attacked by International culprits residing in America!

A few of the main states are New York, New Jersey, California, Ohio, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida! 

Is no American seeing what is going on in your country? Are Americans that feeble minded? America is sinking fast!  Your children will suffer in the end and you also at some point! 

Rally the troops this has to stop in America! Enough is Enough! The International Economical Warfare signs are here in full throttle and Americans are losing! 

See: and read blog posts see what is going on in your country America! Your family and the Next American generation is doomed!! 



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