Thumbs Up! Caribbean nations prepare demand for slavery reparations

‘Our aim is to open a dialogue with European states’
 Wide range of support sought from former slaving countries -

Reparations for all African-Americans, Caribbeans or people of color are due their fair justice in the world, for being sold off like cattle, beaten, killed and made a mockery of in society. Also what if your mixed with both – Cherokee Indian – African American do you get reparations from both sides?

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OBAMA SUGGESTS REPARATIONS TO BLACKS, NATIVE AMERICANS-‘The most important thing to do is not just offer words, but offer deeds’


The so-called “guilt clause” of the 1919 Treaty of Versailles placed full blame for the war on Germany and ordered reparations of 132 billion German marks (roughly $400 billion in today’s dollars). 

US approves $4.5 billion in reparations to Indians, black farmers

Reparations for Native Americans –

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Calculated MINIMUM Reparation Due to Slave Descendants: $1.5 Million to Each Black Citizen of the USA –

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