ALERT! United States Venture Capitalists Corruption

America’s Eugenics Theory Take Over 

The United States has been “fooled and schooled,” by International venture capitalists, pharmaceutical corporations, Investors, private equity businesses, international foundations and many other corrupt  mutli-level mergers and pyramid schemers. 

All of the above are covering up their private relationships with many other international countries, whom are working together merging and purchasing many United States businesses, that can harm millions of American citizens. Herbalife, the current corporation being implemented by the FTC, happens to also have many private investors from several international countries including, Europe and Japan. Which goes back to Bain Capital, a company previous led by Mitt Romney. Over the decades these international conspirators have been strategically ousting American business owners or privately killing them to gain control of their targeted American companies.  

These international conspirators have their hands deep into many of America’s economical resources, which are weakening America’s economical resources. The astronomical amount of American businesses and corporations these international Venture capitalists and investors own is very disturbing. America this also has nothing to do with “Obama,” these international actions have been occurring since the early 1900’s, it’s just now becoming visible. 

America is slowly being brought to it’s knee’s by foreign corrupt conspirators who are using the “Eugenics Theory” to weaken Americas resources to gain control, by infiltrating Pharmaceutical and Medical industries to control the population of America, getting rid of undesired American citizens.

The “Economical Warfare and Pyramid Schemes,” are within the Corporate, Government, Wall Street, Private Investment companies, and equity firms. The synopsis goes; acquire United States based businesses or corporations, which may entail two international separate companies plotting to take over a separate portion of the American business, then infiltrating the company finding weaknesses to turn around and take it over, then merging with several of their international business partners or selling the U.S. based business to their international investors.  

These actions are occurring in all businesses and corporations in America, they are using multi-level marketing, large acquisitions, and multiple mega international and U.S. company mergers in every industry in America. They are also using their own private form of “International Global Wall Street.” (So watch American Wall Street you currently have international global competition).

 Their American businesses are re-established under new international terms, with guidance by their international partners whom they are working alongside. America is in a state of “Economical Warfare,” via Eugenics Theory which outlines all international conspiracies and series of events currently occurring in the United States. The FTC, SEC, and the United States Government, are not acknowledging these disastrous actions by international conspirators, although being reported!

America it’s very real and every American must act to save their families lives. Your family may be currently being targeted and you’re in the dark. This is your forewarning America, please take heed. 

The international business connections are running deep all throughout America. Which is weakening America and endangering many American families. America please help report the current “Economical Warfare” in America communicate this information to the public and all governmental leaders, to save your country and millions of lives!  The longer we wait the more control they gain and more deaths will occur! 




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