American Cruise Lines – Internationally Owned Immigrants

U.S. International Cruise Line Conspiracy – Modern Day Slavery

After recently returning from the Bahama’s on a German cruise line, by which I found out who owned the ship when I returned to the U.S. On the cruise line I noticed very disturbing things about the ship and the cruise employee’s, which I gathered some information from the foreign employees. I’d learned Germany is using international employee’s as modern day slaves. Which is very upsetting and is not legal in the United States. Also with more extensive research, it seems all U.S. cruise ships and other boats are internationally owned. Allowing these international ship owners to bring over mega amounts of immigrants. 

Let’s first elaborate on the cruise itself. Many International employee’s work for many years for 8 consecutive month’s on the cruise ship working 18hr. days with only a one hour break, with no time off. These international workers are working to eventually receive a United States visa for them and their family members to come to America! All employee’s on the cruise ship were from a foreign country, some being from countries such as Serbia, India, and the Philippines, Croatia, and London, and Honduras. 
First of all what does Germany have to do with United States visa’s? How can they offer other countries United States visa’s
after enslaving hundreds of cruise ship workers. Shouldn’t they be offering citizenship to Germany not America? Imagine America
how many international citizens would be able too come over to America if the boat staff is 1500 to 2,000 plus 8 months at a time. 
The cruise line Bahama Celebration was charging American citizens low package fares, until you arrived at the hotel or boat, where cruise guests were being up charged for every little thing possibly imaginable! One catch was to force U.S. citizens to go on Time Share showings and pay a deposit to go, the time shares ranged from 30k to 3k, by which they financed, and the salesman was from Columbia not an American and the 2nd sales manager was also of  a foreign nationality, the entire ordeal took 6-8hrs of your unexpected time. If you did not agree to purchase a time share you did not receive your boarding pass to board the cruise the next day. 
This was purposely not given to you, so they could try and sell you a membership the next day by watching a video, and again a deposit was required. The hotel food included in the package was like eating at golden coral with limited choices. If you ventured out to the Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. area, you again viewed restaurants filled with many international workers, from all over the world, No American workers! 
The time-share location and the actual cruise ship location at the “Port of Palm Beach in Riviera Beach Florida, was a hour drive. All cruise ship charges were put onto a cruise ship debit card attached to your credit card or banking account, you received the debit card before boarding at the port for each registered guest, by which you had to fill out a credit application and all guests had to sign.
All of the cruise ship hidden fee’s were charged on your debit card such as; fuel charges, additional fee’s per person, occupancy fee’s, beverage fee’s, and many more hidden surprising fee’s. You could purchase beverage tickets before boarding, although once onboard you had to buy your first beverage before using your pre-purchased beverage tickets. (What a scam)! You also had to choose your restaurant of choice and make dinner reservations at the port before boarding. Many cruise guests on the boat were very upset by all the hidden fee’s by the rebuilt Bahama Celebration cruise line of Germany! Which we’ll discuss at the end. 
The cruise line marketing and boat pictures were also false, there was no swimming pool for the guests the pool was the size of an aquarium with 4ft. of water rapped around a DJ booth, and no guests were permitted inside. There were only 2 Jacuzzi’s @ 110 degree temperatures, you could only sit in it for 10 minutes or your skin would start burning! Many cruise line members watched and just walked by for hours as a toddler jumped in out of the Jacuzzi with no adult supervision.
Many American guests were very upset to see such a thing! Complaints were made to crew members about the excessive heated Jacuzzi and the child being present, although the sign by the Jacuzzi stated the age limit as being 16yrs. and older, of course the international workers did nothing and continued to let the child jump in out of a excessively hot Jacuzzi.  
The room sizes were horrifically small even after three upgrades, if you were over 200 pds, this is not the ship for you, even the healthy sized comedian on the cruise ship had a problem with the room sizes, stating he was very disappointed and cramped! There also were very few channels on the TV, mostly more advertising channels to get more money out of you. If you wanted to use a flat-iron or curling iron, you were given one pre-used, you weren’t allowed to use your own, which is very disgusting!
All the boats restaurants had the same pre made menu! All guests were being stacked on top of one another like a herd of cattle.
You had people seated directly beside you on both the left and right, you never met in your life, barely enough elbow room to eat your meal. 
They also portrayed a buffet style menu, which all plates were pre-made, just go up and pick up your plate. If you asked for anything additional it took hours and came to you cold! The food was not good, many guests walked out with out eating. There was only one Italian restaurant open free to all guests during the day and until 3am, it would put you in the mind of a fast-food Italian restaurant with bland tasting food. If you wanted a nice meal with a different menu, and eat with some privacy, elbow room at a private table, without being treated like a heard of cattle, you could eat at the upscale pricey paying restaurant, which wasn’t too bad, although not worth the money the lobster was over cooked! 
A 15% Gratuity was added onto all charges no matter what you purchased. Also if you didn’t purchase one of their island excursions they wouldn’t give you any island information. Although, when you got off boat the nice Bahamian citizens told you were to go and how to save money on the island excursions and how to avoid the $27 per person cab ride. 
I also viewed two foreign guests who did not have the same type of cruise debit card as the rest of the guests and tried 
to get me to purchase them a beverage with my debit card in exchange for cash. The question becomes how did they get on the 
boat if they did not have the same debit card as all the other guests. (Were they stowaways?) The next question, is Germany stowing illegal immigrants on their cruise ships? It was very strange the couple did not have a cruise ship debit card, which was
given to you at the port before boarding the ship. 
When arriving back into the U.S. and speaking with U.S. customs, I personally asked how often did they check the boats for illegal immigrants, and I was told they checked the boat every now and again, although it was repeated several times via announcement
U.S. customs was onboard and no one could get off the boat. Also the shipped docked at 7:30am, by 8am guests were told they could get off the boat if they had a early flight. Although, the U.S. customs announcement did not come until 11am. This was very strange, did U.S. customs come aboard or was that a scam. According to the Port U.S. custom worker they rarely checked the boat or it’s employee’s. 
As you read Germany again is up to it’s tricks in milking American citizens dry! Along, with them being the top leaders in America’s pharmaceutical, biotech, food and consumer goods, they’ve also infiltrated the cruise lines, taking more and more away from many American families supplying their countries.  
All american citizens must Wake up and Smell the Coffee and get involved, America is being taken over by many international countries, which leaves American citizens and your children and grandchildren out in the cold. America is a international mess and all American citizens must stand up and start acting now! These international business owners are bringing over numerous amounts of international citizens and giving them U.S. visa assistance. Think about how many employee’s on a boat and multipleply that by 4 international family members, this is how many immigrants are sneakingly entering into America’s borders, by trains, planes, and boats. By which many are already here in America, taking over! 
Demand U.S. immigration and the Government have a International citizen count in all of America summoning all international citizens, check all businesses, boats, airlines, and cruise ships, immigrants and Visa’s. The abundance of international citizens are taking away from American citizens and it not fair to many U.S citizens who have paid taxes to the country and were born here as naturalized citizens of America.
It’s funny I also spoke with Canadian woman and her daughter on the cruise ship, who stated that Canada does not allow internationals or foreign business owners free reign as America does, although cold, it’s much safer and they would never leave to come to America, and Americans are not too bright! If another country is commenting on America’s stupidity, we know there is a problem. Wake up American citizens or get used our new internationally run America! This is very serious and real! 
See Below Cruise Ship information & Links:
Bahama Celebration
Builder: HDW Kiel, West Germany 
Port of Registry: 1981–1990: Sandefjord, Norway 1990–2008: OsloNorway 2008 onwards: NassauBahamas, Currently Bahamas, Freeport  
Managers: International Shipping Partners – FleetPro Passenger Ship Management was founded in 2012 as a merger of two existing passenger ship management companies and is based in Switzerland. It combined International Shipping Partners (ISP), a passenger ship management services company headquartered in Miami, Florida and River Advice of Basel, Switzerland. The majority owners became a Netherlands-based private equity fund. In January 2014 the two operations were renamed FleetPro Ocean and FleetPro River respectively. Management and administrative services provided include deck and engine manning, maintenance, dry docking, inspections, conversions, upgrading and volume purchasing.
FleetPro Passenger Ship Management (“FleetPro”) is the leading independent manager of passenger ships worldwide. FleetPro’s management services extend to both the ocean and river vessel markets. FleetPro manages over 60+ ocean and river cruise vessels. Our services are tailored to the needs of each specific ship, and can include everything from administrative services to crew management, hotel operation, and more. Our managed fleet consists of ships both large and small,but our high service standard remains the same across the board. We believe every ship should be managed professionally and efficiently to achieve the goals set by the owner(s). 
BahamaThe Regal Empress was replaced by a newer ship, the MS Bahamas Celebration. The new ship carries on the same cruise itineraries as the Regal Empress did. However, the Bahamas Celebration is currently operating for a new cruise line, Celebration Cruise Line. The new cruise line is owned by the same company that had operated the Regal Empress: See –
Celebration is a mid-size cruise ship owned by Celebration Cruise Line. Since March 2009 she had been operating two- and three-day cruises from Port Everglades to the Bahamas.In March 2010 she started operating two-day cruises from the Port of Palm Beach

The ship was built in 1981 by Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft (HDW) in Kiel, Germany as MS Prinsesse Ragnhild for Jahre Line. In 1990 she was transferred to Color Line. In 1992 she was extensively rebuilt at Astilleros Españoles in Cadiz, Spain. She was withdrawn from service with Color Line on 6 May 2008. 

From 1981 to 2004 MS Prinsesse Ragnhild operated on the OsloKiel route, first for Jahre Line and, from 1990 onwards, for their successor Color Line. In 1992 she was radically rebuilt at Astilleros Españoles, Cadiz, increasing her length by 35.25 meters and passenger capacity by 858 (U.S. Citizens supplying Germany every other day)! 

July 1999, there was a fire in the engine room, resulting in a complete evacuation of the ship.With the Scandinavian Star disaster fresh in mind, a full emergency was called and all ships in the area came to the rescue. Helicopters and fire crews from Norway, Sweden and Denmark all participated in the rescue effort. 

One woman died after the fire as a result of a heart attack.After repairs at Blohm & Voss inHamburg, Germany, the ship resumed operations on the third of September. In March 2002, the ship suffered another engine room fire, which was quickly extinguished.

In 2003 Color Line spent 60 mil NOK on upgrading the on-board interior. 

In 2005 she was transferred to the new BergenStavangerHirtshals route, when Color Line introduced the new MS Color Fantasy on the Oslo-Kiel route. In January 2008 Prinsesse Ranghild was moved to Oslo–Hirtshals route, replacing MS Color Festival that was sold to Corsica Ferries. In April 2008 Color Line announced that due to “negative financial development” in the service, the Oslo–Hirtshals route was closed down on 6 May 2008, and the Prinsesse Ragnhild was placed for sale. Following closure of the route the Prinsesse Ragnhild was laid up at Sandefjord.  In September 2008 Color Line reported the Prinsesse Ragnhild had been sold to the United States-based Celebration Cruise Holdings for 23 million. The ship was delivered to her new owners In October 2008, renamed Bahamas Celebration and left Sandefjord on the same date for Grand Bahama Island.

Germany mysteriously has many private holding companies, and are now very well known for acquiring U.S. based businesses and renaming their hidden businesses by private multiple company mergers. Also running operations in other countries and with ports in Florida, California, New York and New Jersey! 

See Carnival Cruise Information: British Owned

Carnival Corporation & plc (“Carnival”) is a British-American multinational cruise company, and the world’s largest cruise ship operator. Comprising Carnival plc, which can trace its origin back to the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company of the early 19th century, the company has a claim to be the world’s oldest established cruise ship operator, with P&O having introduced the world’s first passenger ships in 1844.

Carnival is a dual listed company, with headquarters at Carnival Place in the Miami suburb of Doral, Florida, USA. along with a sales office Carnival House in Southampton, Hampshire, England. The constituent corporation and plc are separate listed companies and have different shareholders, but they jointly own all the operating companies in the group. Carnival Corporation owns the majority stake; however as part of Carnival Corps acquisition of P&O Princess Cruises in 2002 it was agreed that P&O Princess would be relisted as Carnival plc in London, remaining a separate company with a predominantly British shareholder body and largely retaining the P&O Princess executive team. 

Carnival comprises eleven individual cruise line brands, operating a combined fleet of over 100 ships, totaling over 190,000 lower berths, and with new ships on order. Executive control of each brand is by geographical location, with Carnival Corporation controlling operations in North America, Carnival UK controlling operations in the United Kingdom (including operations of Princess Cruises, P&O Cruises, P&O Australia and Cunard Line) and Costa Cruises Group controlling operations in the rest of Europe. P&O Cruises Australia is operated by Carnival UK as a sister company of P&O Cruises.

Control of its North American-based Princess Cruises brand was transferred to Carnival Corporation, control of German-based AIDA Cruises was transferred to Costa Cruises, and Carnival UK took control of Southampton-based Cunard Line, which had been acquired by Carnival Corporation in 1998/99.

Carnival Corporation is the larger of the two holding companies and is incorporated in Panama with its primary stock listing on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSECCL). Prior to April 17, 2003 it was a separate company and the market leader in the United States cruise market. In 1988 Carnival Cruise Lines expanded into charter airlines with the purchase of Pacific Interstate Airlines, renamed Carnival Air Lines in 1989. The company flew Airbus A300s, Boeing 727s and Boeing 737s on routes between San Juan, Orlando, Miami International Airport and Islip, and other charter services. 

Carnival plc is the UK-listed holding company of the Carnival Group. It was formed as a result of the merger between Carnival Corporation and P&O Princess Cruises in 2003. It was agreed that P&O Princess would remain as a separate company, with a predominantly British shareholder body and largely retaining the P&O Princess executive team. Subsequently, P&O Princess was simply re-listed as Carnival plc, creating a dual-listed company. Carnival plc is associated with Carnival UK operations, but also has responsibility for Costa Cruises, Carnival Cruises and Holland America Line, with these companies having offices at Carnival plc headquarters in Gainsford Street, London. Carnival House, Southampton, England. Headquarters of Carnival UK. 

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Paul Quinlan (22 January 2010). “Cruise ship to move to Port of Palm Beach, offer sails to Bahamas”

“M/S Prinsesse Ragnhild has been sold

America is now a internationally owned country – America is no longer America! There is no such things as White Americans or Black Americans any longer! America is now International America!