Social Media – Venture Capital Pryamid Schemes

America look at this one! The company mentioned in the below blog; who is a partners with these companies – – Geron Corporation GERN Securities Lawsuit
See the International pyramid scheme unfold in front of your eyes!

Consumer Advocacy Business Industry Research & Investigations (CABIRI)


Are there any more American Only based businesses in America, without a international country attached to it! Being a business owner you are sent many business opportunities, how in the world do you know if your being scammed or not? If your smart and research the company, you can find the true owners of the business with the main address location being in another country. How do you know who your truly doing business with if the company is also based in foreign country, with a subsidiary based in the United States. International laws and U.S. laws are totally different, along with you have know idea who is on the other end of the business.

The point, here is to make sure you do your homework before doing business with any company in the United States! To gain…

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