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One in seven people retires with no private pension – Women three times more likely to have no retirement savings, Prudential finds – while many over-estimate state pension size

Maria Miller quits as culture secretary in blow to David Cameron –

Britain will be best performing of largest economies in 2014, IMF predicts – International Monetary Fund concedes it was overly pessimistic last spring when it warned chancellor to ease austerity measures –

Older people in NHS care suffering in silence, says health service ombudsman – Dame Julie Mellor believes over-65s either fear a backlash if they raise issues or don’t like making fuss

Need for food banks is caused by welfare cuts, research shows –

Gay conversion therapy should have no place in NHS, says health minister – Norman Lamb calls for assurances from NHS England –

There’s a better way to support disabled people – listen to us, for starters -


EasyJet’s Luton deal set to boost jobs and passenger numbers –

Interstitial Cystitis: The Under-Diagnosed Disease Plaguing Millions


Europe News 

Fed likely to keep tapering after US gains 192,000 new jobs in March – live –

The IMF is failing. Let’s reform it –

Greece hit by anti-austerity general strike, as government prepares five-year bond sale – business live –

Russia to meet (EU and US) for talks over Ukraine crisis –



Cookie Monster puts down the cookie jar and picks up the neo-Nazi propaganda

Just as the Pied Piper was used to tempt rats out of Hamelin, German neo-Nazis are now using the Cookie Monster to tempt children over to the far-right. But why?

Toyota gets about 92,000 cars back in Germany –


The Jewish self-haters in the service of Islam –