URGENT MESSAGE: U.S. Represent U.S. Campaign

Represent US – Campaign for the American People!

Tax Day is the perfect time to remind our government they’re supposed to work for us, not lobbyists. So on April 15th, we’re calling for a National Day of Representation! View below link for additional information, Please get involved to let the American Government know you or your family will not stand for corruption, or a international take-over in America! 

We all must remember America was formed for the American people, not for other countries, who have came into America and has taken over many of U.S. Corporate markets by throwing money at the American politicians and, vulnerable business owners. Which has now resulted into the current state of America’s Economical Warfare against the American people, a tactic used to strip all of America’s resources to leave it handicapped and dependent upon another country for all of it’s resources.

Please get involved it’s very important all American citizens take part in saving the United States, for you, your family and children’s future lives as an American Citizen. 

Let’s Turn Tax Day into Representation Day