Back To Basics! Americas Historical Roots

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CABIRI, has taken the liberty to accumulate current and historical pictures of America. All pictures are authentic, the objective of the photo’s is for all Americans to remember some of the true “Roots” of How America came to be the beautiful country it’s now become!

By viewing the pictures, you’ll start to appreciate the true foundation America was built upon. Which many of your prior American ancestors had to do with! American citizens sometimes forget about Americas value points! United States was formed and protected by many previous American “Forefathers,” who wouldn’t be not be happy with the current International Economical Warfare in America, that has impacted the American people. America, past American Forefathers would’ve never allowed other foreign countries to come and take over multiple industries, corporations, or give them access to purchase excessive amounts of American land, forcing millions of Americans into homelessness by bringing over their country people to live and work in their newly acquired American-Internationally based companies. 

America has progressed over several decades and has grown drastically, although not for the purpose of the American citizens, its now changed into a “Corporate Country,” which cares nothing about,” True American Citizens ancestral history!” Millions of hard working American ancestors, helped form America into the beautiful country it’s become.

This was done so their next American generational family members could live the American dream, as they lived. America was built for American citizens and their next family generations. America is now inundated, with many international residents, which have become American citizens, unfortunately this has taken away from the “True Historical Foundation of America!”

Every country has its own family cultural and historical foundations, they represent and value, by which their prior generational family members left for them, and no country is the same! One could speculate that intermingling multiple countries value’s and cultures causes a major problem for America. Its sorta like, mixing a box of crayons together and see what color it comes out to be! This is not good for American citizens, to the point of unhealthiness, and non-American. How can the American Government not care about the historical foundations of America, which many of them where raised on these same principals and historical roots. Why would Americas Government defy their own American generational ancestors, by allowing non-Americans to strip away decades, of their families prior ancestral American history. In this instance, one could say they’ve forgotten where they came from, if it weren’t for their American prior ancestors they wouldn’t be where they are today.

Its taken decades of hard work and dedication, wars, depressions, and many struggles for America to become the beautiful country it is today! Why would Americas Government and many others want to take the American dream away from their own children or grandchildren. Are they not worthy to carry own their families generational American historical history? After, viewing the historical pictures on my website:; go through some of your old family photos with some of your prior American ancestors, you’ll may be amazed what you’ve forgotten about your families roots and foundations in America! Please realize these same historical American traditions, land, and value’s were to be passed onto your American children and grandchildren. Not other countries and their children, who have come to America seeking the American dream, which many can’t even speak the English language and do not understand the true history of America!

America, is for the next Generational American born children, whether they be white, black green or purple, if you have family roots dating back to the early 1800’s or before, you’re a True American! View photo’s donated by MCcoy family on website, a true American Family with roots dating back to the 1800’s, of the Hatfield’s and McCoy families! Stand up America! Save Your Families Next American Generations As “True born American Citizens.

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