Neonazi-Trio war “”knit community – Hitler

Hitler presence and value’s still prevalent in Germany!

Neonazi-Trio war “verschworene Gemeinschaft”

Neonazi-Trio war “”knit community

As a girlfriend of a senior Turingia neo-Nazis Jana J. experienced the NSU Trio: Approximately how Böhnhardt and Mundlos attended a concert in ” brown uniforms ” or Zschäpe was sitting with a gun in the car.

In NSU process a witness has described the extreme right-wing trio from Beate Zschäpe , Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Böhnhardt as a ” secret society ” . They have had this impression of the three suspected terrorists before their submersion , Jana J. said on Wednesday before the Munich Higher Regional Court . It was a community that ” from nothing by squat out there is . ”  Nothing goes past the school extension Education experts and politicians face a fact that the eight-year school will soon be history . Now it comes to the design of longer school days. This promotes greed . By Thomas Vitzthum more …
The witness also remembered to have seen Zschäpe once with a weapon – as she sat with her in a car and Zschäpe the weapon showed a man.


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