Australian health facilities at risk from global trade deal, says union – Thumbs up!

Thumbs up to the Australian Government, for protecting their country people from sneaky global privatized trade corruption!

Read below crucial case and point! Pg. 7., 

But unions representing public sector workers internationally are preparing to campaign against the agreement.

Public Services International, the global body for public sector unions, has commissioned a report that attacks the foundations of the proposed pact. That report, released at the Australian embassy in Geneva on Monday, contends that the Tisa is “among the alarming new wave of trade and investment agreements founded on legally binding powers that institutionalise the rights of investors and prohibit government actions in a wide range of areas only incidentally related to trade”.

It claims the agreement will prevent governments from returning public services to public hands when privatisations fail, will restrict domestic regulations on worker safety, will limit environmental regulations and will affect consumer protections and regulatory authority in areas such as licensing of healthcare facilities, power plants, waste disposal and university and school accreditation.

The PSI has called on the negotiating parties to release the provisional text, exclude all public services from the agreement and ensure that all countries have the right to regulate in the public interest.


America is the world take over race with Europe by implementing “Massive Global Trade Agreements!

The European Commission has control over ISO standards, and the Population Council in America! Isn’t this interesting