Right now Over 250 million Americans are addicted to ‘food drugs’ and not even aware that our food supply has in excess of 70,000 different chemicals allowed by the FDA.

Americas FDA are approving toxic drugs and food harming millions of people! Time start growing our own gardens and using natural home remedies and earthly products to save our families lives, from Greed, Money and Corruption!

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Over 250 million Americans are addicted to ‘food drugs’ and suffering the consequences

Monday, April 21, 2014 by: S. D. Wells


(NaturalNews) What? — Food drugs? What on Earth are you talking about? Do you mean “they,” as in “Big Food,” are putting prescription drugs inside food and drinks? Do you mean that scientists are working in labs right now figuring out how to make humans addicted to certain food additives and agents? Is that what you mean by food drugs? Health enthusiasts everywhere want to know.

The Health Ranger is studying this phenomenon in the Natural News Forensic Food Lab — using microscopy and other high-tech scientific equipment for measuring chemical levels in foods, including toxic heavy metals like lead, cadmium and aluminum. Do you ever wonder how many chemicals are in foods? Try about 70,000 different ones that are allowed by the FDA! How can you even start…

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One thought on “Right now Over 250 million Americans are addicted to ‘food drugs’ and not even aware that our food supply has in excess of 70,000 different chemicals allowed by the FDA.

  1. Growing our own food is a good step and a necessary one to insure we have clean food. However, if one looks at the amount of food that many people consume on a daily basis that would be considered staples. It would be impossible to completely eliminate these poisons from our food supply. Fresh produce makes up less than half of the foods the population consumers on a daily basis. If we calculate the foods that are used due to convenience then the number is even lower. The truth is that unless we address the foods that are actually being consumed and the poisons being used to produce them. Then we really aren’t doing much of anything.

    If one is to be honest then one would have to admit that they are neither ready nor are they willing to live the way we did before all the convenience items were so readily available.

    How many have the time to prepare everything their family consumes from scratch?

    How many people do we actually know that would give up all processed food and simply live off of what they grow in their gardens or purchase at the farmers market?

    Again , remember fresh produce makes up perhaps half of the daily food intake. That in the case of those who actually eat a balanced diet. Again something that is not as common as we would like to believe.

    The harsh truth is that unless we start making these companies understand that we will not spend our money on products that are full of these poisons it will not stop. The FDA , the USDA and the EPA will continue to sell themselves and the power they hold to the highest bidder. Only when these companies understand t hat to continue business as usual will cost them their bottom line will they understand that it is we the consumer that calls the shots. If they want to make money, if they want us to purchase their product , then they must provide a product we want to purchase. Money is the only language they speak and it is up to us to speak to them loud and clear so that they understand we mean business.

    For that , however, people need to be motivated , they need to be adamant, they need to stand behind their words and prove that they mean business. We have the power , we just need the incentive to do so.
    We as consumers have been compliant and complacent for far too long. We must call the shots. We must demand quality and purity in our foods. Until this happens it is nothing more than grumbling that will continue to be ignored just as it always has.
    Fear of loss is their motivating factor. A loss that is in the hands of the consumer. It is time to flex those consumer muscles and put your money where your mouth is , so to speak!

    A small example…… General Mills listened to the people. They no longer use GMO items in their Cheerios cereal. I am not sure about the rest of their cereals , but t hey have gone out of their way to insure that the ingredients that go into Cheerios is virtually free of GMO. Yet they have stated that after they went ahead and did as the consumer requested sales have not gone up. To be perfectly honest I would never have known that the process had been completed unless I read that article where they said sales had not gone up after the switch. Perhaps if they had made the information more readily available , they would have had more people purchasing the cereal. Now that I know I can safely say that it is the only cereal I buy and will continue to do so for as long as they are virtually GMO free.
    So there you have proof that they do listen as long as they believe their bottom line will suffer. Or they stand to fatten their bottom line if they listen. In either case WE have the power to make the difference. We simply have to want to take the steps necessary to do so ….

    Thank you for the re-blog 🙂


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