Americas Big Pharma Chemistry Projects

America, please realize that, not only is Big Pharma mixing drugs in the prison system for 

executions, there’s more going on behind the med-pushers of America!

The execution botching is monstrous and inhumane, how can you give a drug to someone you,

yourself do not know if it’s going to work or not (What kind of Doctor or Medical Team, Scientist are you?)!

They don’t even know what type of side-effects, or life-altering bodily damage is going to happen to the person!


This is very scary America, the exact same thing is occurring in the International Pharmaceutical Industry in America, and many of our “so called,” American Health Organizations, are turning a blind-eye!

How can these leaders as American Citizens, allow other human beings to gamble with millions American families lives! Aren’t they

concerned it could be the one of their family members one day?

Just in the case of the “Botched Executions,” their families now have to live with the fact, that technically their family member died a crucial

death since the execution concoction didn’t work out for them, the poor men had to suffer painfully before their death! Is this humane? Is it okay

for Big Pharma to use unsafe experimental drugs on human beings? Who is protecting Americans from all of these new “Toxic Chemicals?”

Botched Oklahoma execution leaves inmate writhing on gurney

Note: Americas International Big Pharma corporations are using American Citizens as “Guinea Pigs,” to test out

their Newer, 2nd and 3rd Generational chemical toxins, they are concocting together and putting onto market

as safe products approved by FDA and NIH! Americans are doomed to die! 

These same concoctions be it prison or freedom, they are causing deaths or life – altering occurrences, such as

a heart-attack in the “botched execution!” Look at the patterns and series of events which proves “Big Pharma” has

been experimenting in chemistry class for quite some time in America! 




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    Instead of worrying about a mandate! The first order that needs to be addressed, is about the “Toxic Birth Control” in America produced by International “Big Pharma,” who are sterilizing women and men. Mostly women by Reproductive Health, causing life altering circumstances, the main one being Cancer! There have been many women dying and getting Cancer and receiving hysterectomy’s in America. Which reverts back to “Birth Control,” and Reproductive Surgery Procedures, drugs, diagnostics, etc., These issues are life-threatening to all women, not the choice of right to take or not! “Birth Control”, if you wish to take it, may be the end of your reproductive life, or an opportunity to never have children, due to the vicious toxins!
    Blog report; Americas Big Pharma Chemistry Projects – Must Read


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