Marriage License Quarterly Renewal

Couples should be able to divorce without going to court, says top judge

Marriages in America should have a Quarterly, Yearly, 5yr. to 10yr, licensing renewal process, just like Taxes, or a Car Registration, if the couple does not agree to stay married at renewal time they should have the option to divorce at the time of renewal, without consulting an attorney! 

The only Attorney consultation should be if assets or children are involved! The State’s could charge an Opt-Out Marriage Fee or a Marriage Renewal Fee, depending upon the choices made by the couple, when the first initial marriage license is received! This would save many long drawn out divorce cases!

Also, if an American Citizen marries a foreign citizen, not a legalized citizen of America, only by their marriage, the American Citizen should be able to end the marriage at any given time, without penalty! This how many women of international countries are coming to America, by marrying American Men to become American Citizens, and bring over the rest of their families!