Americas Homeless People Forming Organizations

Thank you Council for Homeless New Yorkers  for re-blogging CABIRI’s post concerning the homelessness in America.

Please view blog report of invasion of privacy by Morgan Spurlock, you’ll find very interesting also. The sad truth about all of this, is top officials are aware of the homeless problems in New York and all over America, cameras are everywhere, you would think they’d see that there’s truly a homeless problem in U.S.? I guess drones or camera’s fail to see people suffering and homeless. Every where you turn today all Americans are faced with so many disparities, there is nothing positive coming from American citizens, only negativity concerning their country, this has to change, America for everyone’s sake.

This is so hurtful to see ” Millions of American Homeless Citizens suffering!” It seems no is doing anything to help or hearing the cry for help!. America is supposed to be the Land of the free, everyone should be happy! So, why are people homeless, unemployed and sad!

American lives mean nothing to top officials, When homeless people have start forming their own groups in America, We all know this is a huge major problem. Is a “Great Depression Coming In America? Hopefully, not if all American stand up, work, and fight for their American Rights as a U.S. Taxpaying citizen!

Everyone will have to continue to support each other and stand together as one country, who refuses to continue to live this way. It seems America is turning into a Communist Country, where all  Americans have lost their freedom, rights, safety, and being sold via categorized lists to unknown data aggregaters in the world. Wow, what a nightmare! We all are doomed!

Please pass on to all Friends, and Family Members, and other fellow Americans,so everyone can pull together and start helping support one another, now is the time, if you never haven’t before in your life! Things are spiraling out of control in America, people are living in record numbers on the streets! Americans deserve better than this type of treatment. Why is this occurring in America? Something is out of “Whack” and disconnected, all issue’s must be addressed, dealt with and handled, so people in America will not continue to suffer, and die!

Council Of Homeless New Yorkers, CABIRI, supports your group and we all will keep fighting together! 


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href=””>ImageAmericas children are suffering! This is horrific feeling for every parent. What do you tell your children?




2 thoughts on “Americas Homeless People Forming Organizations

  1. I share your concern, which is why I suggest that you would lend considerable credibility to your post if it were presented as something other than mere opinion.

    Website credibility has been researched by a group at Stanford U., and they have an organization which educates people about it. Among their key findings: a webpage has credibility with it has a credible author and visible, relevant sourcing (references). I think you could make good use of these findings!



    1. Thank You Tom! I appreciate your help and concern. I also agree we must stand as a “United Country!” There is not enough being done by American citizens. Many are in the dark about what’s occurring in the United States. I’ve been personally reporting due to my own personal disparities which left me medically incapacitated, becoming homeless.

      Tom, now healthy I vouched to myself, I will not let human beings endure the extremities I’ve had to deal with! Now that I’m healthy and very strong I’ll fight for the protection of all human beings who are suffering by the hands of man made greed and corruption.

      My medical illness was the start of me starting my website Please view and let me know your thoughts. I’d love to hear your input.
      My original profession is in the Accounting Field, so my writing business, is a new venture for me.

      Although, I’m doing very well, I’ve managed to gather quite a audience around the world, which makes me proud! So I’m doing something right little by little, as a sole proprietor, I’ve had opportunities from investors, federal gov’t etc,.

      I’m trying to keep my new business in the hands of the American people, and like minded organizations whom are on the same page as CABIRI! What truly matters is the American people and what can be done to help our own Fellow Americans.



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