U.S. Citizens Invasion of Privacy by Morgan Spurlock

Inside Man – Morgan spurlock
CNN – Survelience in America
Sunday 5/04/2014, 10pm ET

The world doesn’t have to go far to find out what they want about your personal history. Data collection has become $156 million dollar business. This doesn’t include the excessive amounts of Security Data Breaches that have been occurring, Target, Neiman Marcus, Social Security Administration, KickStarter, Yahoo, and Apple. Which concludes every individual in America, besides the illegal immigrants are being tracked, traced and monitored.

Americans have become complacent to the “No Privacy Norm” and are now desynthesized and okay with the fact all of their personal information is currently in the hands of the “Unknown World”

In New York, Morgan counted a total of 25 cameras, watching New Yorkers every move 24hrs., a day
Do Americans not feel uncomfortable knowing someone is always watching them? It’s almost a little creepy, and disturbing if you really think about it!

Have Americans truly succeeded to the hands of unknown data collectors all over the world? Americans are giving away vital personal information via social media, which is stored, and sold.

Be aware of ‘EXIF Tags’ which reveals detailed picture information, date of picture, camera serial number, location of where picture was taken, and where you live, etc.,

America, be aware of your personal Credit Card activities which are also being tracked, so marketing companies, data collection companies and the Government can view what type of purchases you’re making

Morgan also discussed Americas Cell phone messages and calls, which are being monitored and tracked, along with your cell phones prior and current locations.

View below sites who may hold some of your personal information – Selling and Marketing to the world without your knowledge

Spokeo – Sells your personal information to everyone and anyone, it shows all your activities and personal private history

Facebook – Has all personal and background information

Aggregated Data Collection Companies – Hold your entire life history

Other Aggregate Companies such as: Lighting, Axium, Epsilon

All online entities are tracking your every move every time you click, google, instagram, tweet, or share. Companies known as ‘LifeStyle’ companies are tracking your data, spending habits, and activity trends

America the most alarming point discussed is that Aggregator Company’s hide behind private businesses, and it’s not easy tracking these private companies and their owners down. View video, and you’ll see how hard it was for Morgan, to speak with anyone at these aggregate companies.

America, Who are these people hiding behind closed doors, invading millions of American citizens privacy? Where is everyone’s information going? Do we know if American citizens information is being sold to Black Market culprits?

It’s also known that each time you click on anything on the internet your data is beng transferred, then caterogized into lists which is sold, or aggregated into a private database, which holding your entire historical information.

Epsilon, is one of the largest Data Aggregator Companies – who stores 250 million of American citizens private personal information

Also, be aware when you opt-in for any service, you are giving permission for your information to be sold. It’s very important for everyone to read the lengthy Terms of Service Agreements, we all may not want to read.

According to Moragan Spurlock of CNN, those agreements hold some tricky small print information, stating the company now owns all of your information, and you’ve now authorized them to sell your information to 3rd parties. This is very disturbing, who would of known!

Identity theft in America has spiraled out of control due to the new centruy data capturers.

The good ole google glasses stores your inform indefinitely – “Your Marked for Life w/Google”

Morgan also speaks about “Drones in America”

Which can be purchased by citizens in the price range of $300 or more

Drones – will be flying all throughout America, within the next 7yrs., this means no privacy for ANYONE!

The ‘NSA’ knows all about you and your family. The Government can also subpeona companies for American citizens personal emails records and personal information.

One company being ‘Lavabit” – Who was arrested by FBI due to non-compliance, and now suing Government for violating the companies 4th Ammedent Right. The compan owner was demanded to give over his SSL Keys. He was told basically comply or go to jail. These actions could be construed as a “Abuse of Government Power,” unless an crime has been committed.

Americans must get used to the fact you are always being monitored, and your information can be modified or changed at any given time without you knowing it! You also can’t request to get your information back, nor deleted which means anyone can find out anything they want to know about you.

How much freedom are you giving in the name of safety! Companies are holding your vital information such as, Social Security Numbers, Phone-Cell Numbers, Current & Old Addresses, Birth Date, Spouse present and past, Children Information, Business Dealings, and Personal Photos, Current and Prior Work History.

America these are very disturbing facts; that every American must be aware your every move is being monitored! For millions of Women and Children this could pose a grave problem putting innocent lives in jeopardy. If American citizens truly knew who had their hands on their private information, and what type of information it’s stated that a Revolutionary War may break out in America.

America here’s a few tips that may help – Although it may not help at this point! You can try these services discussed to try and protect your personal information.

Ways you can protect your data:
Protecting your data
Turn off location tracking
Don’t download apps you don’t need
Use Encrypted Email
Use a Browser such as; FireFox – Who doesn’t track your information
Duck Duck Go.com
Hire a Data Deletion Company
Purchase Black Phone – An Encrypted Cell Phone
Read All Service agreements
Realize it’s your personal choice between ‘Convenience or your Privacy’

Once your data is online it’s out of your control – All Americans are “Open Books”
Also, many companies and Government entities don’t want to establish any precedents, where American citizens can demand their information not be collected. Which means every American citizens privacy is currently being privately invaded, without your knowledge. Which should be very disturbing to many!

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