American Medical Rehabilitation Fund – For Unexpected Medical Trauma’s (AMRF)

Many Veterans and U.S. Citizens medical care has been a nightmare in America! CABIRI’s owner Candance Camper, suggested this fund, do the fact she personally recently experienced misleading life altering medical treatment in America, along with her Father a Vietnam veteran, whom also was not receiving proper medical care as an Re-Covering Cancer patient – Stroke and Diabetic, who also couldn’t get proper medication and care, which resulted in him having a stroke! Candance and father, called and many times to the V.A. Clinics which, had no listed doctors for patients, you’d often get a recording or just hung up on after several rings. The veterans had no where to fill or get their prescriptions. They were told they would be mailed, after a doctor approved! What doctor their was no doctor at the clinic to approve or see them? Some veterans had to drive 50 miles away just to get treatment, after waiting 4mths or so for an appointment! Then it was difficult to find any non-military drug store to fill veterans prescriptions, due to the V.A. insurance only covers prescriptions written on base. Which left many veterans with out of pocket expenses for many veterans and their families. This was a double blow to Candance, when she was experience a medical nightmare by the hand of a medical-device then, her father was being medically mis-treated by the V.A. Hospitals in Alabama! Imagine this double family blow, of daughter and father, sick at the same time! What would you do America! Imagine this scenario in your family and you couldn’t get cooperation or help! The fund is needed for all Veterans and American citizens who are medically suffering all throughout America! America must learn to take care of their own country people, many are currently suffering! After researching and experiencing this Veteran Medical nightmare CABIRI, reported this in January! The government is just now saying something, OH! Now someone has noticed Veterans are dying! Are you kidding, this has been going on quite some time! Please read CABIRI’s Blog Posts for more details! Also please help support the millions of Americans who are medically suffering, due to a corrupt Medical Industry all throughout America!

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American Medical Rehabilitation Fund

 For Unanticipated Medical Trauma’s


 American citizens are suddenly becoming ill and losing there entire life’s history due to major unforeseen medical trauma’s caused by faulty drugs, medical device and/or tainted products.


CABIRI, is seeking investors to help establish an American Medical Rehabilitation Fund for victims of unexpected life-threatening medical trauma’s that has altered, their households and families lives.

 The fund will be established for individuals who have pending lawsuits and are having difficulties maintaining their households while undergoing rehabilitation and additional surgery’s while awaiting their pending lawsuits to be resolved.

 Many employers will only disburse sick pay for previous time worked, leaving many individuals and their families struggling to cover living expenses such as; food, utilities, mortgage, child care, car payments, medications or any other pertinent family household living expenses that has to be paid while they are in recovery.  


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