No More Freedom In America

America, its a sad day, when activist are getting jail time for speaking out, 

and fighting for American Citizens Right’s! What is there no more “Freedom of Speech

in America?”


Cecily McMillan should receive an honor for fighting for her country, many Americans aren’t willing to stand up,

like she has. Cecily, only wanted to save other Americans, from Wall Street top conspirators corrupting Americas financial

stability and well-being. Was this wrong for her to do in America? 


Is this fair to her, to fight for millions of Americans, and everyone sits back and does nothing while this poor young lady goes to jail

due to the fact she was fighting for our American rights! She was only trying to save American families from financial ruin! 

The American dollar is already going downhill, so she and many others protesting “Occupy Wall Street,” may have been right, 

things are definitely out of balance in America!


Reference Links: 

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