Hello America, I wanted to let all followers and supporters to know more about the Founder of CABIRI, please contact anytime to discuss, the lack of, or the better of the knowledge and leadership that’s required to move CABIRI forward to help save lives against man-made decision makers who are harming millions of people around the world. 

When CABIRI, was started this was not about skills, or leadership, in fact this had never been done by the “Founder Candance Camper a prior corporate accounting professional and freelance business owner, this was her first go around in the social media, blogging and book writing world. Please understand, all efforts were developed to save lives due to her own personal traumatic health experience that left her homeless!

Candance, never professed that she’s a pro in this area although a very respected business professional!
She is very strong willed and won’t give up on saving lives, as hers was spared. She’s is really trying to make a difference! Please realize no one is perfect on this earth and everyone could use help in some form or fashion, not matter how old you are! The older generation leaders who’ve been set in their ways, could use some fresh blood in their domains the world has changed drastically. New current “Real World” knowledge could help many see the other side of the coin, they’ve been missing or do not understand! Just take for instance the looming Racist comments by elderly Americans, who do not understand this is not acceptable in this day and age, like it was back when they where growing up!

America is now a diverse country with many cultures so how can you be racist? If you always were in the top 1%, how in the world can you understand what it’s like to live in the bottom 10%? Saving lives should not consist of lack of skills, as long as the research message is being communicated and can help save human beings, that’s what matters to CABIRI!

Within 4mths of starting CABIRI, there are great professionals and businesses from around the world,  who are willing to help develop CABIRI, into a lucrative business and help save lives against corruption, greed, and eugenics theory culprits! There’s much to be done, to communicate to America and the world. Candance, stated she realized that it’s not about what part of the world you live in, it’s about human beings, and protecting the innocent from other “Bad Human Beings,” no matter how powerful or rich they are!

Everyone is replaceable, especially if they are not doing right by society! Here’s a few things CABIRI, could use help with, Website, Technology, Business Researchers, PR, Book literary agents and publishers, Natural Health-Care Specialist, Natural Health Nutritionist, Like-minded Consumer-Advocates, Local, State and Government business leaders, Funding, Leadership & Training Professionals or any other area, that others may see that CABIRI is lacking! 

Also something funny you should know about Candance, she’s had a fear of becoming well known and being in the forefront, although all her life it’s been that way, she’s a truth seeker who is very well traveled, liked and respected, and known to be firm, outgoing, energetic, comical, fearful, and very blunt and to the point! Which some may not like, what comes out of her mouth sometimes, many authority figures who crossed her path liked her firmness, and often wanted her in their corner!

Her true compassion is helping other human beings, which is her weakness, she always tried to help all in need! No matter if her life was going well or not, she felt everyone deserves a chance in life, and everyone no matter what color or country, bleeds red blood, so others shouldn’t judge! Although,she quickly realized people will take advantage of your help for their own personal benefits, and once they gotten what they desired from you, people will cut you off, and say thanks for your free help and knowledge, and that’s the end!

Not with Candance, many come back into her life, just to be in her presence and gain her worldly intelligence, she’s realized the lifetime impacts made by her in many of her colleagues, friends, and family lives! Which makes her proud, and now she can’t continue to hide behind closed doors, Candance has so much to offer the world, and many people have communicated this to her over time, although she never accepted the fact until now!

CABIRI, is the start to her new beginning many have been waiting for her to do. Also another point to add she’s also a nature, animal lover, and appreciates the earth, and realizes she’s is only here one time and she must make the best of it, before its too late, nothing in life is guaranteed! 

Website: http://www.consumer2savlives.com

This should sum up who’s behind CABIRI, many have been requesting!

Thanks to everyone, for there help and support it’s greatly appreciated!

Please email any questions or suggestions: http://www.consumer2savlives@gmail.com