Americas Soviet Union Talent Networks

Americas InterFace Modeling Network Tied to Pharmaceutical Corporations and Soviet Union

Here’s more proof of International business ownership in America, impacting American Citizens!

America, please research talent agencies, before signing your child up to pursue their passions. Interface Modeling Network is a international scam, with deep roots, this company is misleading young children and their parents. The State of New Jersey actually filed, it’s own lawsuit against two of the companies owned by Roman Vintfeld.

Which is great, at least someone did something to prevent this company from, diminishing small children’s dreams, and stripping the pockets of their parents,while not following through on promised services to be provided. The owner is still in operation and not from United States and has ties to surprising U.S. pharmaceutical corporations. Please view business related links for this talent agency.

Before going forward, CABIRI’s founder wants to tell her personal experience with InterFace Talent Network. My son, 17yrs. old at the time personally went to “Interface Modeling Agency” to pursue modeling and his passion of skateboarding. They first lured him in at the local mall, where he’d been going to daily to fill out the contest entry, to become a winner. He actually was visiting a friend, who’d worked at the Interface booth, so with his friends persuasion each time he went to mall, he’d filled out contest entry form. Poor thing was very determined, to pursue his dreams!

His wish finally came true when the agency called a couple of months later, stating he’d been chosen and they wanted to interview him. So of course very excited for him, I took him to the Boca Raton, Fl., location, where he went through a couple of people interviewing him. One was supposed to be some type of Director; this was their so called approval process.

The last stage, we were showed around the building, too be coerced a little more, only to be sat down and hit them with the cost, by which they wanted upfront for their services, and a one shot  deal, THAT DAY take it or leave it. Well of course, I agreed, this was my son’s dream come true, So we thought!

So I put down a deposit and returned the next day with the remaining balance a grand total of around $3000, for them to start the process, and sign a contract with him for Photos, Website, and Marketing. My son received his photo shoot for his pictures, by which he was to bring his own wardrobe, so not included in $3000. The pictures were taken right at the location, outside, some inside, and there was no dressing rooms available for him to change, so he changed in front of a crowd of other children, until I complained and they found a office for him to change in. So, unprofessional and embarrassing!

A month later, he was chosen to go for an acting class, in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. at “Famous Faces,” he attended the so called acting class, then the next call was for a marketing event for “Nickelodeon,” which I paid $167 for him to attend, so this was not included, in the $3000 originally given to the agency to start the talent process. He also received a website for a year, with no activity, after a couple months or so, no contact the whole process went dead! No phone call, letter, email or nothing!

After a year of no activity, Interface Talent Network, stated we had to pay to renew his website, and there was a lot of activity on his website of interested scouting agents. Are you kidding me, what was the $3000, for? And the information was new to us when no one bothered to contact us! This company truly misled us, they didn’t provide anything worth the amount of money I originally forked out at the beginning.

Now keep in mind, nothing could be done, until the money was paid upfront, and they had their money and a contract, The agency was smart they scheduled my sons photo shoot for the following week making it impossible to request a refund, or proceed with a 3-day cancellation. Which was another misleading tactic.

InterFace Talent network, coerced us, for their financial benefit, never having the best interest of my sons dreams in mind, in fact his dreams have been diminished thanks to InterFace Soviet Union Talent Network.

This is very sad, many other American mothers, have gone through the same type of experience feeling scammed and financially taken advantage of, and their child’s dreams diminished. These are innocent lives, being taken of advantage of Interface had no regard for the lives they’ve impacted.

Review below shocking links concerning the InterFace Talent Network and Information about “Soviet Union Jewish Refugee’s.”

Here some questions that should be considered; Why are Soviet Union Refugee’s running businesses in America? Also why are many international corporations, tied in some form or fashion to the pharmaceutical industry? Also, why are the majority of Americas international businesses and corporations privately held? It’s very alarming to see this occurring in America. This all reverts back to “International Background Checks, International Credit History, and International U.S. Visa Business Ownership in America. Which basically, means American citizens are funding other countries by doing business with these International American based Business Owners!

The below research links are for informational purposes only. Although, advised to review, for your own personal knowledge!

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InterFACE 1

Startup –

Roman Vintfeld is with the growing business InterFACE Talent Network located in Edgewater, NJ and is interested in talking to potential investors in the United States. (Why are American Investors funding International companies instead of helping their own country?)

Roman Vintfeld and his Edgewater, East Brunswick companies sued for offering phony modeling services

InterFace Talent Network Corporate Information:


OTRIAD digital marketing

Privately Held; 11-50 employees; Marketing and Advertising industry

October 2012 – Present (1 year 8 months) NYC


InterFACE Talent Network

Privately Held; 501-1000 employees; Entertainment industry

March 2007 –Present (7 years 3 months)


Industry Model and Talent Studios

2003 – 2009 (6 years)

History: ( Talent Agency – Pharmaceutical)

Please view French website; Créer mon Blog Personnel – Website Info.

Create a Blog Personal blog A Blog Blogs jblog is a software platform that facilitates free online publishing a blog. This is a service that offers a multitude of tools for people to publish content on the web music blog blog blog humor personal blog fashion blog animals sky blog, image blog blogger make free blog directory of blogs on the internet … (Is this Americas WordPress in French?)

See below research findings: (Warning very confusing details)

InterFACE is led by Mr. Roman Vintfeld, Mitch Rubin, chief financial officer/chief operating office and Danielle Vintfeld, vice president, in new 12,000 square foot New Jersey offices.

Raised in a family of Soviet Jewish refugees, Vintfeld came to this country when he was 8, having started his entrepreneurial career selling family possessions on the streets of Italy to have enough income to settle in the United States.

Executives for this regional headquarters are Eric Bernstein, vice president of operations, Sioban Shariat, vice president of development and marketing and Janixx Parisi, executive director of development and marketing. The New England area is serviced by the InterFACE office in Connecticut. InterFACE presently has 10,000 clients ranging from children to seniors.

The New England area is serviced by the InterFACE office in Connecticut. InterFACE presently has 10,000 clients ranging from children to seniors. InterFACE assists entertainment talent in creating online high resolution composite head shots for modeling, music, acting and other entertainment talents.

In industries like fashion and entertainment, where barriers to entry are high and competition is fierce, InterFACE strives to provide aspiring actors, singers, musicians, models and other entertainment talent with the right tools to market themselves and entertainment industry professionals with a cost-effective and convenient way to scout a talent pool that meets their needs. Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. filed the patent application on April 24, 2003. The patent application number is 00629/DELNP/2003 A. The international classification number is C12N15/85. (This paragraph is very interesting and confusing are they the patent owner of InterFace Talent Agency, a Pharma Company?)

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Regeneron) (Public, NASDAQ:REGN) is engaged in the research, development and commercialization of therapeutics to treat human disorders and conditions. The Company’s facilities are primarily located in New York. As of December 31, 2009, the Company had one marketed product: ARCALYST (rilonacept) injection for subcutaneous use, which is available for prescription in the United States for the treatment of Cryopyrin-Associated Periodic Syndromes (CAPS), including Familial Cold Auto-inflammatory Syndrome (FCAS) and Muckle-Wells Syndrome (MWS) in adults and children 12 and older.

Its late stage programs are rilonacept, which is being developed for the prevention and treatment of gout – Cheap Replica Ulysse Nardin Watches flares; VEGF Trap-Eye, which is being developed in eye diseases using intraocular delivery in collaboration with Bayer HealthCare LLC, and aflibercept (VEGF Trap), which is being developed in oncology in collaboration with the Sanofi-aventis Group(This is very interesting, Please see website for full details, also click on the links embedded in the blogs you’ll find it very interesting in what you view?) What does Bayer  HealthCare & Sanofi – Aventis pharmaceutical companies have to do with a Talent Agency Network, and posted on a French Blog?

America, this should set off international alarm bells, if not convinced please see additional links;

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Soviet Union Jewish Refugees

 Soviet Jews: We Must Do Our Utmost -This article explains some important details concerning “Bush Administration”

 Anti-Semitism, A Global Issue –

See Below Quotes Below “Hitler Quote’s” – by Famous

This what we are dealing with in America! Very Disturbing – They own our corporations!


Thank you for supporting CABIRI, we will continue to protect American Families against International corrupt businesses and corporations doing business in America, whom are impacting lives.


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