Alert Check Out! Googles International Competition

Hey America, 

Here’s is proof of internationals taking idea’s from American business ownership! CABIRI,  happened to stumble across this new search engine, and found it very interesting! International countries are now marketing this search engine via online “Business help for entrepreneurs!”

Many international people are using the internet to draw American citizens in and pay for their “Make Money Schemes,” which many of them want you to pay for, this is another tactic used by international countries to funnel money out of the United States, using American citizens!

Be aware, of who you are doing  business with online, before you sign up, please check to see what country the information is coming from, research the company itself, there are many international scams online, so please be aware! 

Please view links: – See Google’s International competition!

Google Watch Please Out they are trying to recruit Americans to use their new search engine! 



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