Homeless Son Wants To Commit Suicide In Florida

America! Please Read! Homeless Suicide Watch!
Help us to help the millions of homeless citizens in America, we can not do it alone! Every American must pull together and try to help one another! If not we all may be going to many funerals! It’s bad out here America, in the real world! Everyone is speaking of Cancer, and all Americans are “One Step” from being homeless, if they aren’t already! At this moment this is not a country to be a Proud American! More like suffering Americans, who just want to die!

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Florida! Mother, son wants to commit suicide, while mother is fighting against turning to prostitution! 

Please Read, and pass along, this is a tragic story! 

Why aren’t their any homeless shelters available in the Florida area! This is a very sad! A young lady and her son became homeless due to a medical-trauma which left her hospitalized and under doctors care from 2012-2013 a unknown problem stemming back from 2007! This young lady has no family in the Florida, area and has no where to turn! This young lady has undergone excessive surgery’s and hospital visits, on and off for an entire year, which left her helpless, unable to provide for herself in the state of Florida, and left her homeless recovering from multiple surgery’s!

She’d been evicted the same month of her last surgery, and the Apartment complex turned off her air conditioner to force her out of the…

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