Americas Deadly Healthcare System

Please Read About Important Healthcare Information in U.S.
Millions of American citizens still have no Healthcare, or Employment! People are going to start getting violent if nothing is done to help Homeless, poor, and middle-classs Citizens of America ! This is a train wreck waiting to happen in America! The pot is brewing and one day soon it will explode! If many do not wake up and realize America has a crisis! There is no way U.S. can afford to assist anymore immigrants the American benefit system has become ‘Overloaded’ by the millions of immigrants and their famalies who have come to America! Which takes away from American Family’s who need help and now can’t get it due to the influx of Immigrants in America! This is a disaster for prior American tax paying citizens who’ve paid their dues for decades, and now they can’t get any support in their own country! Which is a slap in the face! Why work as a American and pay taxes when you can’t get help from any Government Agency, when you fall down on your luck! Why is the American Government making U.S. Citizens pay taxes, checking Americans Credit History and Criminal Backgrounds, when they don’t do the same for the new Immigrants in America, they know nothing about their past or previous detailed family histories! In America if your a immigrant you get help, if your an American citizen you are turned down and away!

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Death’s by Americas Broken Healthcare System – No Accountability

America, has no one realized the current deadly trend in Unired States broken healtcare system? It’s so obvious, why are many choosing to overlook what’s currently occurring in America. The entire ‘Healthcare’ system in America, should be investigated on all levels. The VA, Hopsitals, Corporate Big Pharma, and Healthcare businesses, and leaders should be addressed! They are all related in some form or fashion and impacting milions of human lives causing death’s and deadly medical alterations.

The industry has become, more of a “Cash Cow” many are seeming to pass the buck on, which is and has costs millions of lives in America. Citizens are killing themselves, dying and lives being altered, for the lack of proper medical care in America, all across the board! Why are people turning a “Blind Eye” on this topic! Is it due to it hasn’t…

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