Americas Useless Healthcare and Law Firms

Useless Professionals Providing A Dis-service to Millions of American Citizens although being paid millions to billions of American Citizens tax-paying dollars!

Americas Doctors & Hospitals are Useless

America, why have a doctor or go to a hospital when they can’t identify the “root cause” of your medical problems. I’m going to discuss my own personal experience that should concern many American Citizens. Many medical diagnosis are going unoticed, although doctors and hospitals are performing testing, multiple surgery’s, and giving you excessive medications to contain your medical problems, they are not actually giving their patients the true reasoning behind there medical issues. In my personal experience, there was no explanation from any Medical Professional of ‘How or Why’ my severe life-threatening medical issue’s occurred after I’d received a Birth Control Implanon device, called the “Mirena-Iud.” America it doesn’t take a “Rocket Scientist” to see the trend of the ‘Toxic Birth Control’ products and drugs on the market, which the majority have lawsuit, or are pending lawsuit! America, doesn’t anyone see a problem with this in America? All women should be concerned about this and be frightened, your “Reproductive Health” may be in danger and nobody cares!

America, in my own personal dillema I’m willing to share, I’d spoken with many Medical Professionals, Healthcare Agencies, Attorneys, and the actual Pharmaceutical Corporation “Bayer Healthcare” the maker of the device, all of these professionals could not or would not acknowledge the fact some cases of their toxic products are very complex and could cause major internal bodily damage. America, all of these Professional Healthcare, entities could not justify or give me any reasoning of “Why” all of a sudden my once ‘Healthy’ body just started breaking down, almost costing me my life. They didn’t and do not care if you live or die in America! Now, more than ever, I’m convinced that Americas ‘Healthcare System’ is ‘Only’ a “Money Making Machine” and not there to save human lives!

Reason being America in my case, I’d been hospitalized over 10 times and undergone 6 surgeries in a 2yr. period of time, 6yrs. years later after I’d gotten the Mirena-Iud birth control device put inside my body, which was removed 6yrs. prior. I started having severe life-threatening medical issue’s and accumulated over a million dollars worth of medical bills.

Are you kidding America, after all of that, no one has told me why my body shut down the way it did! There was no ‘Explanation,’ and not one Healthcare professional of the many, many Doctors, Hospitals, Attorneys and Healthcare Agencies,’ cared to find out my underlining life-threatening medical issue’s, although now they want their money for their half-ass; services they provided performing extensive tests, surgeries, and years worth of doctor visits. Excuse, me if I’m wrong, why pay for a service if your problem is not resolved, or the service provider can’t give you any explanation for “Why” you fell sick unexpectedly! America, there is always a “Cause and Effect,” and you mean to tell me these so-called Medical Professionals, Healthcare Agencies, and Attorneys, can’t provide “Explanations” for why American Citizens are having severe life-threatening “Medical Issue’s!” This is very scary, disturbing, and a dis-service to all American Citizens. U.S. Citizens are being ‘Scammed’ out of millions of dollars by all of these “Medical Professionals, Pharmaceutical Corporations, Healthcare Industry leaders and Attorneys.

If your medical issue is cut and dry, you might get a explanation, if your medical problem is too complex and can’t be seen or acknowledged through testing or surgeries, they are washing their hands, and telling patients, “We don’t know why this happened to you and just live with it, we only can assume it was time for your body just to break down on you and that’s your personal problem! Are you serious America, this is a slap in the face to a middle-aged woman whom has lost their entire ‘Professional’ livliehood and life-time personal belongings, due to excessive non-stop hosptialization from an “Unknown Severe Illness,” they never seen coming, due to them always being healthy. Are these people inhumane, America?

At this point, I feel my life has been stripped and violated by, “Americas Healthcare System” and all the people working alongside them, who are turning a ‘Blind Eye’ on all the lives they are impacting! All of these “Professionals” have the audacity to wipe their hands, to you! Well, not so fast, not when millions of American Citizens have paid into the “Healthcare Industry” for decades paying many of their salaries. Do these so-called ‘Professionals’ really think they can get away with not properly diagnosing patients, and no one is going to stand up and say anything, and get stuck paying over a million dollars worth of medical bills, well they all are sadly mistaken! If you go to any Healthcare, Legal Professional or Pharmacuetical Corporation, they have no clue, why millions of citizens are suddenly falling ill, even with all of their so-called upscale ‘College Degree’s and Professional Healthcare’ knowledge. What’s the purpose of your “Degree” and years of ‘Job Experience’ when you can’t provide an accurate service! If you go to a Professional for help or resolution, and they “Overshadow” your illness, by giving you a “Bunch of Medical or Legal Hogwash” due to the complexity of your problem, not providing you with any “Explanation!” America, what is the purpose for their expertise, when they don’t even know, what’s wrong with you or can tell you what caused your medical trauma?

This is terrible and dis-heartening, how many American Citizens are falling into this “Un-Explained Medical illness category? Imagine, you having a “Unknown Illness” for years and no one can tell you ‘Why’ or cared to diagnosis the reasoning behind ‘Why’ you had your severe life-threatening medical problems for the past 6yrs., of your life, although you’ve seen multiple doctors, and been hospitalized for several years! America, these ‘So-Called Professionals’ have lost their minds, if they truly think, they can do this and get away with it! Many of Americas current ‘So-Called Highly Educated High Paid Healthcare Professionals, Corporations and Healthcare Agencies,’ are supposed to help save and protect human lives, and clearly aren’t doing so in America! Although, they’re being paid millions to billons of dollars, and taking U.S. Citizens tax paying dollars, they aren’t upholding their professional services, by not providing proper medical diagnosis, or professional services for millions of American citizens.

Many of them are shrugging ‘Citizens’ off as if they don’t care if you live or die! They are giving many band-aid’s of multiple toxic side-effect medications for you to possibly fix your “Unknown Major Medical Problems!’ Which down the line, has also impacted your body for life, due to you being ‘Excessively Medicated.’Doctors in America are removing, ‘Bodily Organs’ and performing vast unncessary ‘Exploratory Surgery’s,’ and still can’t provide patients an “Explanation” of why they needed to do so! This is a scam and a dis-serivce, if these so-called ‘Medical Professionals’ can’t tell their patients the“Reasoning Behind” their medical actions coming to some type of a logical medical conclusion, of why they felt they needed to perform specific services, why in the world are they performing these services.

America, in my personal case many, many “ Healthcare Medical Professionals” couldn’t identify the reasoning behind my 8 other life-threatening medical problems, and why I’d been hospitialized for such a long period of time, on/off over 6yrs.! America, if you speak with the Pharmaceutical Corporation, Healhtcare Agencies or Law Firms, they also to can’t tell you ‘Why,’ due to the fact your life-threatening medical problems are to complex for their “Brains” and they can’t seem to figure out your severe medical issue’s, and why you’d undergone such a traumatic medical experience! Are you really serious America, these ‘Professionals’ are no better than the next “Human Being” they all have no clue what their talking about or doing, they are playing “Russian Rhoulette, with millions of human lives, and don’t care about saving a life!

Also, get this one America, in my case several “Pathologists” in two separate Hospitals couldn’t decipher a type of Ulcer I had, they even told the “Gastroenterologists” they’ve never seen this type of ‘Ulcer” before and have “No diagnosis!” So they couldn’t even tell me where they came from or how they got there! Then being always a healthy woman, not one doctor or test could identify why in the world my BP shot up into the 200’s! Isn’t it frightening when docotrs and pathologists can’t even indentify your medical problem. Well I’m sorry America, there is always a “Root Cause” of a problem, things just don’t all of a sudden appear out of the blue! Something went wrong so why in the world can’t these so called Professional ‘Brainiacs’ controlling ‘Americas Healthcare Industry,’ not able to provide American citizens with accurate diagnosis, no matter how complex the underlining medical issue may be. It doesn’t matter, if it’s a procedure, medical device, pill, or a disease a patient deserves the right to know how and when their problem came from.

America, this is very scary, due to the fact we all depend on these Professionals for our well-being! As Americas new ‘Consumer Advocate’ to save lives, it’s my duty to “Alert” American families of what America’s Healthcare Professionals, and Legal Professionals are sneakingly doing to you and your family members, there is ‘No Justice’ or accurate medical services in America any longer. Many of these culprits are only for, “How much money they can make off of human bodies!” It’s not about the well-being of a human life, that has the right to live a ‘Healthy Productive Life!’ These Healthcare Professionals, should be providing accurate medical services, diagnosis, non-toxic side-effected pills, medical devices and procedures, helping too protect and save lives in America.

America, I know if it happened to me personally, I’m quite sure it’s happening to millions of other U.S. Citizens! It’s our “Humanitarian Right” to know the reasoning behind what’s medically occurring, or what has happened to our bodies, if you or your children suddenly fall severely ill, almost losing their life. This is so ‘American Citizens’ can monitor their own lives, to possibly prevent such a trauma from occuring again! Many ‘Healthcare agencies, and Organizations’ are promoting slogans such as; ‘Healthy America or Healthy 2020!’

Why is this when ‘No’ Healthcare Agency, Pharmaceutical Corporation or Law Firm gives a “Hoot,” about a life! America, all of these so-called professionals only want to know, “How much ‘Money,” they can make off of sick ‘Human Beings!’ Or if it’s going to cost thousands of dollars to keep you alive, they’ll help you die quicker by prescribing you multiple toxic drugs! While standing behind their “Flawed,” Clinical Tests, Trials and Medical procedures, swearing to them like they are the “Bible,” and are accurate for every human being, no matter what your gene make-up or nationality. Undersand, this while still not giving you any answers to your underlining medical trauma. Doctors only listen to your prior medical history, and current issue’s, then they order additional testing, and medications based upon their medical assumptions, which may not be the correct diagnosis!

How can they make a accurate medical diagnosis, if they’ve never seen or heard of a specific type of illness or disease? Why after extensive testing can’t they tell a patient, how their problem started and why it advanced to the level that it did which could of cost you, your life. I’m sorry America, this is very important information every ‘Human Being,’ should want to know. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to just drop dead one day, due to being mis-diagnosed, or your doctor failing to keep you or your family educated on your or your childrens health, so you can prevent illnesses from occurring. Especially, if it’s life-threatening!

America, everyone would like to live a “Healthy Life” and these so-called ‘Professionals’ don’t care about you, they aren’t even giving you the respect to medically diagnosis you correctly, so you can at least try and save and protect your own life, taking the proper steps deemed necessary! Of course these Health Professionals, Pharmaceutical Corporations, and Law Firms, don’t want that, they all would be ‘Out of Business,’ if there was no sick people in America, or less Citizens needing medical care. Please realize the more they can keep ‘Citizens’ sick the more medical bills, millions of people will have to pay, keeping them and insurance companies in business!

In Florida alone America, you’ll see new ‘Medical’ buildings popping up everywhere! Why is that? Is there going to be a sudden influx of sick people? Or are they building more, Doctor offices and Medical Clinics, due to the fact they are planning for more Women, Men and Children, to become sick in the next century, and need more ‘Medical Care?’ America, if a ‘Professional Doctor’ can’t diagnose a complex medical issue, “How in the world can a Law Firm figure it out?” America this is why, all of these ‘So-called Healthcare Professionals, Pharmaceutical Corporations and Lawyers are all Useless!’

Why are ‘Doctors, Healthcare Corporations and Agencies, prescribing and approving toxic drugs, products, procedures and they can’t even tell you why your body suddenly shut down? What a waste of professionalism! Another known fact, many should know these ‘Healthcare Scam Artist’ have their own ‘Well Paid Scientist, Doctors and Health Organizations to ‘Lie’ for them! America, please realize the more complex your problem the less their knowledge becomes, telling millions of patients, Oh! By the way we don’t know, why you, or your family member had these life-threatening medical problems, so pay us for our “Non-Service,” and have a ‘Great day, were sorry and you’ll be just fine!’ America, we all know the bills start rolling in a few days after you are seen, although your medical trauma hasn’t been properly diagnosed, what a scam!

Realize America other Professionals follow suit, Attorneys aren’t, ‘Doctors or Sceinctist’ and they can’t seem to handle a very complex medical case, it’s too much for their ‘ Legal Brains’ to comprehend, so they only want the “Cut and Dry” medical cases which they can quickly ‘Cash In’ and make millions to billions of dollars, which is all about lining their own pockets instead of fighting for a ‘Human Life!’ America, no matter how small or complex the medical issue, a human life is worth saving and fighting for, if its been medically violated or mis-diagnosed, by so-called medical professionals or pharmaceutical culprits, who are only thinking about their “Revenue’s!”

All Americans, must start standing up for you and your family members demanding proper medical services, non-toxic drugs, medical products, and procedures by all ‘Healthcare Professionals’ who have a ‘Great’ impact or outcome on a human life! If we all stop, paying for undiagnosed services, and toxic medical products, maybe this will put a stop to all of there shennanigans! Then possibly American Citizens can start getting the proper ‘Medical Diagnosis’ they deserve, it cost enough don’t we all not deserve proper medical treatment, whether you have insurance or not?

One last thing to note; the top Medical approvers FDA, NIH, HHS, and other Health Professionals, should also be held liable, and be sued, for assisting in harming human lives! America, this is no different, if you drove a friend to a bank, and they decide to rob it, now your considered an accomplice, in the eye’s of the court of law. So you see there is no difference beteween the two, all responsible parties whether, ‘Directly or Indirectly’ they all are involved! Why are we giving them the power and letting them get away with their actions! If we continue to sit back and allow them to do so, everyone should start writing there ‘Will and Testament’ and purchasing, ‘Life Insurance Policies’ for you and your children! No one in America will help you, if your medical trauma is to complicated for them to figure out! America, please start standing up for your “Healthcare Humanitarian Rights” or you may regret it! As the owner of CABIRI, I’ll continue to help and save lives from “Professional Scam Artist who only want to make money off sick American Citizens!

Special Note: All of America’s Pharmaceutical and Biotech Corporations are Internationally owned, Managed, and Operated, up to their Board Members! You recently saw this with the“Head” of Americas VA, Eric Shinseki, who is Japanese from Hawaii, and was in the Vietnam War! Do they really think ‘American Born,’ ‘Vietnam Veterans’ agree with someone of this nationality being in charge of Americas VA medical system? Isn’t this America? Why are ‘International Citizens’ not born in America, operating our Healthcare establishments? For instance; Bayer Healthcare and Merck KgaA, are based in Germany, their board members are located in their country snd they are making crucial medical decisions for American Citizens! This is Americas problem, the U.S. Government has allowed these ‘Foreign Nationals’ to take control over Americas “Healthcare Industry” and now it’s impacted the entire United States, killing and altering millions of American lives! What happened to America? We all must “Stand up and Fight to get our country back into our hands! Only in America, this is occurring, are we all gulluable and nieve American citizens?

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