Crimes Against Women – Eugenics Theory

America CABIRI has been reporting crimes against women by the republicans & Big Pharma corporations for several months before the supreme court decision & many turned a blind- eye if many would of read my Alerts this all could of been prevented! Now look what women have to deal with! Americans should take head sometimes to businesses such as CABIRI who has been reporting on “Attacks Against Women”in many ways Hobby Lobby is just the start there is more in the pipeline & no one is listening! CABIRI has been researching this topic for 2yrs. & have been reporting my findings this is how CABIRI started due my own personal trauma! I have been trying to proteçt all ‘Women’ it’s very sad with all my efforts Women may have to suffer!!

Consumer Advocacy Business Industry Research & Investigations (CABIRI)

Broken Trust: Senate Blocks Bill Designed to Protect Women of Sexual Assault in the Military

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