Deadly Birth Control Corruption In America by Germany

Americas International Big Pharma Getting Away With Murder

Many Women who’ve had Traumatic Life-Altering experiences due to “Mirena-IUD are being told by “American Lawyers” they do not have a valid cases, although they have been through HELL!! This is very sad and unacceptable, Women are being violated in every direction!

If this isn’t a Attack and a Injustice ‘Against American Women,’ then what is! Thousands of Women will get no justice! While a International Big Pharma Corporation gets away with Murder! Are you serious America! What is wrong with Americas Lawyers, Judges, FDA, NIH, and Government, are they getting paid off by International Big Pharma Corporations, why are they allowing thousands of women to suffer!

 Enough is a enough! Attacks against women by America’s International Pharmaceutical Corporations based in America, although located in Germany, along with their ‘Board Members’ are killing and harming millions of American women via Toxic Birth Control Products!

The American Justice Department is allowing ‘Bayer Healthcare of Germany’ to get away with murder! Wow, this is the same country the U.S. was spying on and they are supplying America with ‘Birth Control’ Products and many other Drugs! This is horrific!

Take a look for yourselves at the current serious life-threatening occurences women are experiencing from the Mirena-Iud! Women can’t allow this to happen you and your daughters, we have to stand up for our “Reproductive Rights” Bayer Healthcare is based out of Germany, and supplying American women with contraceptives, so what’s wrong with that picture! Wake up American Women, this can’t continue to occur! Has the Government and Justice Department not seen the current “Trend” in Birth Control Lawsuits? That should be their first clue!!

Please help, CABIRI, fight for all women against “Birth Control Corruption in America!”

Bayer Healthcare (GERMANY BASED) Opposes New MDL for Mirena

Bayer Opposes New MDL for Mirena Lawsuits Over IIH

Mirena Iud Side Effects May Increase Risk of Breast Cancer

Briefing Supporting New Mirena MDL Strikes Back at Bayers Opposition

(FACT: Elevated BP @ 200) Are they serious this is ‘DEADLY’

Motion Seeks New MDL for Mirena IUS Lawsuits Over Brain Problems

Conference Set For Bayer Request on Mirena Statute of limitations Motions

America in one case; it took doctors 6yrs you to find out that a women had been

severely impacted by Mirena-IUD! Do not let them get away with ‘Hold Bayer Germany Accountable for Harming Women!

Mirena IUD Dystrophic calcification (calcification occurring in degenerated or necrotic tissue) (latest reports from 773 patients) has been reported by people with osteopenia, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, muscle aches. Occurring in Ages 30 – 39 by 100%

American women, there has been an excessive trend in “Tainted Birth Control” Products in America that has caused ‘Death’s, and ‘Life-Altering Circumstances’ all women have to protect their “Reproductive Health” by standing up to Big International Pharmaceutical Corporations In America, that are putting millions of Women’s lives at risk!

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