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America, as a fast growing, ‘Consumer Advocacy Business Industry Research Investigation Social Media Founder!’ Yes, it’s a long name, that’s why I had to shorten to CABIRI, that will take the wind out of you! America, it’s becoming increasingly difficult as a ‘Woman Sole-proprietor’ to attend my many opportunities for American Citizens and Businesses, who are reaching out and requesting my assistance, if you can pitch in and help CABIRI please send!

It’s very important that I attend many of these opportunities, it will help all of us, along with enjoying what I do to help our country! CABIRI, was started to help protect you, your family’s and America, after I’d experienced my own personal trauma that led me from the corporate world to my own personal research business! I’ll tell all of you about it one day! I’ll also one day tell my life story as a Vietnam Veterans daughter! I have quite a lengthy interesting story to tell! I may be speaking near you one day soon so please, look out for me! 

America, we all know corruption is very rampant in the United States, and were currently losing the battle! CABIRI, will continue to work hard and fight the “Powers at Be” to make a difference and make changes in our country and around the world for all of us, and the next-generation! Our American children are precious and they deserve the best, they need us right now, more than ever, our support is needed to go forward in America! Please help CABIRI if you can, I understand times are tough for many, all I ask if if you can! If not I totally understand and will be here for you regardless! We all must learn to help and support one another as Americans, this is our country, we should never forget our American Roots and History! 


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CABIRI, would also like to start a fund to start helping many ‘American born citizens only,’ who are Medically-ill, Disabled, Elderly, Homeless, and are having a hard time getting any help from the Government, State, or County due to political bureaucracy or extensive red tape! It seems this has become a trend in America and we all must help our Fellow Americans! I’m also seeking American owned Building Companies, Realtor’s, Brokers, who could possibly help ‘CABIRI’ house many American citizens, who may need temporary help getting back on their feet, due to job loss or other traumatic circumstances! Please Email: