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America, Please read for yourselves a report recently published by one of my affiliates, ‘National Partnership For Women and Families!’

Here’s proof! Many women failed to acknowledge me as CABIRI’s Founder, due to the fact many of you did not view my information as credible back in January 2014! Which was very disheartening, I truly tried to warn women about this topic due to my own recent personal experience with Americas Healthcare Industry, which included, the Top International Pharmaceutical Corporations, their Products, Drugs, Hospitals, Doctors, FDA, NIH and many other organizations, I’d previously contacted all of them, including the Federal Government! Which many of them turned a blind-eye to me and did not want to be held accountable for their actions!

The only response I kept getting is “Oh where sorry that happened to you!” In the meantime my life had been turned upside down, stripped away, and I could of died, and none of these people cared! So, I started communicating to all ‘Women’ publicly all around the world, with no income in/out of the hospital, surgeries, etc., all through my new business CABIRI, just so I could help save other Women’s lives! That was my main purpose, to save lives I didn’t want any other woman to go through the horrific nightmare, I’d been through for the past 6yrs.

Let me ad America, the only woman who reached out to me in my time of need was “Jane Mundy,” a Senior Legal Correspondent, for Lawyers and Settlements based out of ‘Canada!’ She took the time to hear me, and wrote a personal story about my traumatic experience, although it went on for several months after, up until recently, at least Jane took the time to support me, although based in another country! I thank her very much!

Now I truly hope ” All Women” will take this situation ‘Very Seriously,’ and start standing up for your Reproductive Health, these attacks are still occurring and you may not even know what your dealing with! Many of us like myself are trying to help protect you, so please take heed, your life may be at risk!

Please read my blogs, tweets, download the ‘PDF’ from National Partnership For Women and Families! View all below links! Thanks for reading and help us keep the movement going for all Women, we have to let them know, as women we will not stand for this type of treatment! Everyone should know without women, there wouldn’t be a world! Please help us many of you may have daughters, this will surely impact!





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