CABIRI’s Investigation Report: Florida’s Hidden Corruption & Healthcare Lies

Disturbing ‘Untold’ Corruption In Florida

America, Many are unaware Florida is a melting pot for illegal citizens and every illegal activity you can imagine, below you will read a listing of several issue’s facing many South Florida citizens. Florida Congress, Senate and Local Government Leaders are turning a blind eye to these occurrences, or are unaware of, which all must be addressed before citizens of Florida begin dying off! 

Many American Floridians are ‘Fed Up” with the Influx of the many International citizens that have migrated to the state, which has impacted many American Citizens, every where you turn in Florida you hear a foreign language being spoken, and many citizens feel like they are in a third world country!

CABIRI, decided to write this article when many Florida Citizens began Re-tweeting, a post that was tweeted a few days ago concerning the Homelessness, Uninsured, and Unemployment in South Florida. This is very sad and disheartening many citizens are suffering in this state! While many State and Local leaders have turned their backs on their own citizens! 

Please view a listing of complaints by South Florida Citizens – Please call upon the Federal Government, FBI and State Officials to launch a investigation into South Florida Corruption! Help the many citizens who are crying out for help! Something needs to be done here fast! 

1). Homelessness – No Funds or housing available to assist many homeless Florida citizens! Homeless shelters full on a daily basis; Shelters can not support the influx of citizens needing a place to sleep. When they call State, local Government leaders, Dept. of Children and Families, Emergency community line, and Sheriff departments – Many are being told they have no room in the homeless shelters! So many are forced to live in the streets in sweltering temperatures. 

Disheartening Story – This Woman Has Been Put Through Hell In Florida!  

One sad story, a Professional woman in her mid 40’s was unexpectedly hospitalized due to severe illness for a period of 2yrs. she stated, since she was a previous small business owner, the state was reluctant to give her healthcare insurance due to that fact, although she’d lost her business due to her severe medical illness, she was a freelancer and didn’t have much income! Thankfully, her doctor had to perform emergency surgery, and explained to the local and state healthcare agency, she needed insurance to have the surgery, so finally they approved her 2/2013! By that time this was her 2nd surgery, she’d previously had surgery uninsured at the end of 2012! 

The insurance lasted her one year, then she was dropped and told to apply for Obamacare! Still undergoing severe life-threatening health issue’s, she applied for Obamacare and was denied, due to the fact she was unemployed, and had no income. So she tried to re-apply again for the ‘State’ healthcare only to be told that, she was not eligible due to the fact she was homeless and did not have a address. The woman became homeless from being hospitalized for a period of 2yrs. on/off, undergoing several surgeries, healing from a disease, pre-cancer and many other medical issue’s. She’d been discharged from the hospital with no way of getting her prescriptions filled; or go to her 2 day follow-up as prescribed in her discharge from the hospital to visit her primary care physician. She was facing this along with no where to live. Since she’d been evicted after her 4th surgery. 

 A few months later after living on the street her health deteriorated. The woman applied and called for Social Security/Disability assistance, help from State, Local Agencies, Homeless shelters, Churches and was denied or turned away receiving no assistance. This woman cried for help, and no one could help her stating; there was no funds available or they had no room for herself or her son in the shelter due to the influx of people seeking assistance. The woman stated the workers at the agencies, including the State Dept. Of Children’s and Family, which is attached to ‘Governor Rick Scott’s’ office, stated they were just as upset as she was although there was nothing they could do for her, they had no money to help Florida citizens!

This woman tried her luck once again and went to the ‘Only’ homeless shelter in the area, to be told her BP was elevated and she need to be seen at the ER, and she would have to come back for processing and she still was not guaranteed a bed at the shelter, once she was released from the hospital. America this lady experienced this nightmare from 2012-2013 now 2014!

So once again, the woman went to the ER by the shelters request, and was hospitalized for elevated BP @ 180, and with no insurance doctors and hospitals were reluctant to see her! She stated the hospital nurse gave her a injection of medication, then the administration came to get her healthcare information, and when they found at JFK Hospital in Wpb, Fl, she had none they came back 15 minutes later and told her they were discharging her, and they were giving her a prescription of “Lisinopril” which she’d told doctors she was allergic to the medication, and there has been several lawsuits pertaining to the drug. The hospital discharged her not giving her anything but an injection of BP medication!  

Within a half hour of entering the hospital she was seen and discharged! They didn’t want to treat her after they found she had no healthcare insurance! She stated the injection made her feel worse, so she went to another hospital a few miles away to get help, the hospital immediately took her BP and found her it to be excessively high this time in the 200’s, the hospital admitted her, and found a major illness not related to her BP, and she needed to have surgery she was hospitalized for an entire week! This is awful this woman could of died or had a stroke. The plot thickens, while hospitalized she communicated to the hospital staff she was homeless, and had no where to go, the social worker at the hospital, only tried to get her healthcare reinstated to only find out since she was homeless that was impossible, they needed a valid address.

So again, this woman was discharged given prescriptions and put back onto the street of West Palm Beach, Fl in 90′ degree temperatures with no where to go. The woman stated, she cried and prayed and some people let her stay one night on their couch, and then she had to move on. Her son set up a tent and lived in there until his tent was stolen. She also stated after being evicted one month after her 4th major surgery, that all their personal belongings where sold by ‘CubeSmart Storage Facility’ for being late one month due to her being unable to pay, and her and her son’s vehicles were repossessed, due to her excessive hospitalization and lack of employment. Her parents assisted for as long as they could, whom were on fixed incomes. 

The woman continued to seek employment and find a place to live, no one would hire her being that she had no car or place to live and looked unkept, although she’d explained her situation of being hospitalized for such a long period of time, and had an impeccable professional resume’. Many employers were concerned she’d be hospitalized again, so they were reluctant to hire her. She stated the only way herself and her son were able to bathe, her son had a part-time job and paid a gentleman so they could bathe 2x a week. With all this turmoil the woman continued to seek help calling around to State, Local and Government Agencies only to be given the run around, and directed back to the ‘One’ homeless shelter which she called and no one returned her call.

The woman also stated she applied for Disability in 6/2013, and when she called in 2014 the ‘Tele-Source’ Office in Baltimore, MD, stated the only thing they had on record for her, was she was self-employed and, her stating she was going to contact a attorney. Now what does this have to do with this woman’s 2yrs. worth of homelessness and hospitalization, she lost her business back in 2012 when she was first hospitalized with her 1st surgery, and the woman stated she never hired a attorney! The office in Baltimore, MD told her she must re-apply they had no paperwork or additional information! What happened to this woman’s initial application and her paperwork? She stated that the Medicare/Medicaid office called her to see if she needed Medicaid, although denied, why did the Social Security/Disability office not call her they are affiliated, she applied for both at the same time?   

This woman was a prior corporate professional/small business owner, now homeless, medically-ill and has no healthcare insurance! Is this really how Florida, treats there citizens. If this woman went through this how many others are suffering like this woman? Florida is keeping these type of stories hidden from the public! 

Now let’s go on to other hidden scandals – 

2). Several middle-aged and elderly Florida Citizens have no healthcare, can’t afford prescriptions, or able to find a doctor that will see them. Doctors are denying to see patients with no healthcare! They are being denied proper healthcare treatment due to no healthcare insurance, many require a specialist and can’t get one. Many can’t afford housing or losing there homes due to extensive hospitalization and lack of employment. 

Another scenario: Woman with no healthcare insurance, has heart disease, fluid build up all over her body and on oxygen, was reluctant to go get help at the hospital. She eventually, had to go only to find out she needed a pace maker for her heart. The hospital found out she had no healthcare, they ran test, gave her medication for her heart, and to get the fluid out of her body for 2wks. although told her nothing, as she laid ailing in the bed! By the 3rd week she acquired a blood clot in her leg and started internally bleeding and bleeding through her nose from the oxygen, now they’ve told her she may be in the hospital for a month or two, until her blood clot goes away, and they can’t do heart surgery on her until the clot has healed. This woman was in tears, I asked her why did they not give her ‘Blood Thinner” the first week she was in the hospital, she did not answer! I’m not sure of the fate of this woman, she has heart disease, internal bleeding, fluid throughout her body, blood clot and she has no healthcare insurance. On top of this her house is in foreclosure due to fact, she also hasn’t been able to work! If she makes it out of the hospital she will also be homeless! 

Again, is this how Florida treats it’s citizens, this is two sad, disturbing cases, and no one on any level with any heart or compassion has done anything to help these two women in there time of need. They both have worked and paid taxes and this is the treatment they receive! How awful, do any of these leaders have a heart or is all about their own personal greed and well-being! If your sick in Florida they just want you to roll over and die in the streets! This is terrible and alarming!! 

3). Elderly gentleman whom had a prior business, needs ‘Hernia” surgery, and has BC/BS insurance, although he can’t afford to get his surgery, he was told he has to come up with a $1500 deductible, he recently lost his mother and wife within 6mths. and has no additional income so he suffers daily in pain unable to get the surgery! This is another sad case America! 

4). Florida Ports are allowing international cruise lines and ships owned by Germany, Russia, to come into Florida ports and allow speedy processing! The cruise ship docks early and before U.S. Customs comes aboard, a few hours later the ship ‘Alerts’ the guests who want to get off the ship early before customs comes aboard!  See article from Palm Beach Post: The federal government has made it a little easier for avid travelers from Palm Beach County to sign up for the Global Entry program!  Please realize these cruise lines only employ 98% of Foreign workers! Russian boat owners are bringing there workers to America, docking their boats in Florida for 3 – 6mths, and leaving to travel throughout U.S. while their staff of 1500 or more are free to wander throughout the State of Florida, while working on the boat! 

5). Fl. Police officers are recruiting, coercing and threatening young adults to add more charges or issue a warrant for their arrest, if they do not become one of their informants! They are giving the confused and scared young adults their personal cell phone numbers to contact them to setup a sting. Possibly putting their lives in jeopardy without their parents consent.   

6). Florida DMV in Miami, Wpb, Tallahassee, is allowing citizens to come in and get fake automobile titles! In return the individual with the Fraudulent title, can call the local police, go to the persons residence with the vehicle, and confiscate the vehicle from the original owner with their fraudulent title! The State Of Florida DMV will only put a administrative hold on the title so the Fraudster can’t sell the vehicle, in the meantime the original owner is without their vehicle, although they’ve proven they had the vehicle insured and all the proper paperwork proving they are the owner! The officer takes the most current title holder word for it that it’s their vehicle! How crazy is that!! 

7). Unemployment – Jobs many internationals from Cuba, Haiti, Ecuador, Guatemala, and many other foreign countries have taken over the job market in Florida, by business ownership and lower paying wages, which makes it very difficult for American citizens in certain age brackets to find work. These citizens and business play favorites to their own country people and will not hire Americans! The majority of the jobs in Florida you are required to be bilingual! Is this not America, why are Americans being forced to learn and speak another countries language, didn’t they come to America, they should be required to learn, and speak English! 

8). Oil company investors are setting up shop in Fl. Pharmaceutical offices, bribing small towns and citizens who need employment and revenue boosts! They are doing this so they can privately do their researching of land deeds, and property rights, so they can purchase or take control of the land to start drilling in undisclosed area’s of Florida!  

9). Florida High-End Car dealerships, Employee’s and Managers whom sell Porsche’s, BMW’s, Range Rovers, are partnering with Middle-Easterners, to export cars to the Far East! They are recruiting poor to middle-class Americans to become Straw Buyers, to put the vehicle’s in their names, giving them a small fee to purchase the vehicle to resell to the middle-eastern exporter!  Along with that they’re asking straw buyers to recruit more citizens to receive a substantial income, telling them the more straw buyers you find the better your income! Their also asking straw buyers to sign paperwork at the car dealership, stating they will not export the high-end car to another country, in return the dealership gives the straw buyer the fee for doing the fraudulent paperwork. Although the 2nd owner from the middle-east can export the vehicle out of the United State’s! They are also asking American Straw Buyers to put ‘Leased’ cars in their names, and they’ve found a way to avoid paying taxes if they purchase the vehicle after a certain amount of time! Desperate American Citizen are being put on the hook with the I.R.S. for purchasing such a ‘High-End’ Vehicle without having proof of income to offset the purchase, come tax time! This has been addressed with the I.R.S. who could not answer, along with Government Accountability Office Attorney, Homeland Security, 2 State Attorneys, which all stated this is a gray area! Lucky for Florida, this is not the only state they are doing this in! 

10). Middle-Easterners in Florida are also seeking out distressed American women, telling them they can move in with them and they will help them, if they give up their Drivers License and Social Security Numbers! Why would women need this to move in on a friendly basis, they aren’t a leasing company?

11). Specific Florida homeowner associations and communities are discriminating against people of color, whom they do not want to move into their communities asking them for their prior year tax returns before they are approved by the association! This is color labeling and very discriminatory against specific races! 

America, these are 11 horrific things currently occurring in corrupt Florida, these are actual personal statements by citizens of Florida! CABIRI, will continue investigating and reporting, issue’s as they come up, many citizens are speaking up and want to be heard and CABIRI, is here to give them a ‘Voice’ without all of the political bureaucracy! Please look forward to CABIRI’s new addition the ‘Teen President For The United States Youth Government,’ who will be the ‘Voice’ for all Teenagers!   


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