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America, Please read the below information and come to your own conclusion about ‘Carl Ichan’  corporate power in America! The oldest American Investment Gambling Powerhouse! Does he really this much control? Is this good for the New American Generation?

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Please view and come to your own conclusions!

Carl Celian Icahn – February 16, 1936 (age 78) – QueensNew York CityNew York, U.S. – (America at that age what does he know about the new American Generation)?

Icahn International counter partners conspiring to take over America since World War II - –

 Lazard’s largest office is at 30 Rockefeller Plaza,New York CityNY

Lazard: is a premier global financial advisory and asset management firm that engages in investment bankingasset management, and other financial services primarily with institutional clients.

Lazard was founded in 1848 and has its global headquarters at 30 Rockefeller Center in the Midtown Manhattan area of New York City. It operates from 41 cities across 26 countries in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Central and South America. The firm provides advice on mergers and acquisitions, strategic matters, restructuring and capital structure, capital raising and corporate finance, as well as asset management services to corporations, partnerships, institutions, governments and individuals. 

Early years On July 12, 1848, three French brothers, Alexandre, Lazare, and Simon Lazard, founded Lazard Frères & Co. as a dry goods merchant store in New OrleansLouisiana. By 1851, Simon and two more brothers, Maurice and Elie, had all moved to San Francisco, California, while Alexandre moved to New York. Lazard Frères began to serve miners engaged in the California Gold Rush, and soon expanded into banking and foreign exchange.

In 1854, Alexandre Lazard moved to Paris, France, where he opened an office to complement the U.S. business. The firm began advising the French government on gold buying. In 1870 the firm continued to expand its international operations, opening an office in London.

The three houses of Lazard – In the late 1800s and early 1900s, the firm evolved into three “Houses of Lazard” in the United States, France, and England, separately managed but allied. The Lazard partners advised clients on financial matters and built a cross-border network of high-level relationships in business and government. Noted financial advisor George Blumenthal (banker)rose to prominence as the head of the U.S. branch of Lazard Frères and was a partner of Lazard Frères in France.

In the economic boom following World War II, the American operations of Lazard expanded significantly under the leadership of the financier André Meyer. Meyer and Lazard partner Felix Rohatyn have been credited with virtually inventing the modern M&A market. In 1953 Lazard Investors Ltd began an asset management business in London, which is the origin of today’s Lazard Asset Management

In 1977 as the health of Meyer began to deteriorate, the firm came to be controlled by Michel David-Weill. Under his leadership, the three houses of Lazard were formally united in 2000 as Lazard LLC.

In 2002 David-Weill hired Bruce Wasserstein to be CEO. In 2005 Lazard became a public company, with nearly two-third of its shares owned by current and former employees. Wasserstein became its first Chairman and CEO. In connection with the IPO, Lazard spun off its broker-dealer business, Lazard Capital Markets.

Following Wasserstein’s sudden death in 2009, Lazard’s Board of Directors elected Kenneth M. Jacobs Chairman and CEO! 

Lazard’s asset management business provides investment management and financial advisory services to institutional clients, financial intermediaries, private clients, and investment vehicles around the world. The goal of Lazard’s asset management business is to produce superior risk-adjusted investment returns and provide customized investment solutions for clients. The firm manages assets on behalf of institutional (corporationslabor unions, public pension fundsendowmentsfoundationsinsurance companies, and banks; and through sub-advisory relationships, mutual fund sponsors, broker-dealers and registered advisors) and individual clients (principally family offices and high-net worth individuals). As of December 31, 2013, Lazard lists its Total Assets Under Management as $187bn


View the timeline of King Kahn’s business acquisitions:  

Icahn developed a reputation as a ruthless “corporate raider” after his hostile takeover of TWA in 1985 In 2004, Icahn purchased a large block of stock of Mylan Laboratories, controlling positions in various corporations including RJR NabiscoTWATexaco,Phillips PetroleumWestern UnionGulf & WesternViacomUniroyalDan RiverMarshall Field’s, E-II (Culligan and Samsonite), American CanUSXMarvel ComicsRevlon,ImcloneFederal-MogulFairmont HotelsBlockbusterKerr-McGeeTime WarnerMotorola, and Herbalife.

In 2007, Icahn and his affiliates owned majority positions in firms including ACF IndustriesAmerican Railcar IndustriesXO CommunicationsPhilip Services, and NYSE-listed Icahn Enterprises, formerly known as American Real Estate Partners, On February 7, 2006, a group led by Icahn and Lazard Frères CEO Bruce Wasserstein unveiled a 343-page proposal calling for the breakup of Time Warner into four companies and stock buybacks totaling approximately $20 billion.

On February 17, 2006, the Icahn-led group agreed with Time Warner to not contest the re-election of Time Warner’s slate of board members at the 2006 shareholders meeting. In exchange for the Icahn group’s cooperation, Time Warner would buy back up $20 billion of stock, nominate more independent members to the board of directors, cut $1 billion of costs by 2007, and continue discussions with the Icahn group over their proposal, particularly on the future of Time Warner Cable

In June 2008, Icahn launched The Icahn Report which campaigns for shareholder rights. It hosts United Shareholders of America where individual investors can sign up and take part.

Icahn was a director of Blockbuster until January 2010 and the chairman of Imclone, Icahn Enterprises, XO Communications, WestPoint Home, Cadus, and American Railcar Industries. He is a beneficial owner of Adventrx Pharmaceuticals, Vector Group and has had significant holdings in Time Warner.

Icahn’s hedge funds currently own 5.6% of biotechnology company Biogen Idec.

In July 2010, Icahn acquired a 14 percent stake in Mentor Graphics. Based on this acquisition, Mentor Graphics signed a Poison Pill provision. As of September 2010, Icahn owns just less than 15 percent of Mentor Graphics

On October 31, 2012 Icahn bought 5.5 million shares of the internet video service provider Netflix taking a 10% stake in the company.

In February 2013 Forbes listed Icahn as one of the 40 Highest-Earning hedge fund managers

On August 13, 2013 Icahn announced that his new stock pick is Apple

In October 2013, Icahn acquired around 61 million shares in Talisman Energy prompting shares in the ailing Canadian oil producer to surge. He also announced he would seek a seat on the board of the company.

In November 2013, Icahn disclosed he had acquired a 12.5% interest in Hologic, a medical device and diagnostics manufacturer. He subsequently influenced the board to increase its  -membership by two, which were filled by directors supported by Icahn (each newly appointed director is a managing director of one of Icahn’s holding companies).

More of King Ichan Controlling Interest companies: Take-Two –  WCI Communities Interactive –  Telik –  Motorola –  Lear Corporation –  Lear Corporation‘s – AstraZeneca – Medimmune (MEDI) –  BEA Systems – Fontainebleau property – Tropicana Casino and Resort Atlantic City – Hain Celestial Group Inc – Lawson Software –  Mentor Graphics – The Clorox Company – Canadian telecom company Research in Motion –  Netflix – Oshkosh Corp – – Nuance Communications, Inc –  eBay – PayPal

America there is no way in the world one man needs the much power! What is he trying to accomplish! How is this type of control good for American Citizens, America or America’s Next Generation! Also America, why is he taking controlling interest of these companies, and demanding to be a “Board Member?” Is the for more control! This man and his “Hedge Fund” Culprits must be stopped! Why would one man need this much control over that many corporations in various industries. It seem like “Hidden Corruption” between himself and his French Partners! 

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