URGENT MESSAGE! “Luv Thy Neighbor” – Let’s Start Supporting One Another America

America, CABIRI, is developing a non-profit program for the American people! Funded solely by the American people so we all can start helping ourselves, families, and communities!

Many American Citizens are not getting support from the Federal, State or Local Governments. Due to all the arguing and bickering between the political parties, which isn’t doing nothing for the American people.

We can not continue to sit around and falter beneath their feet, as they ruin our country, and continually impact our lives! It’s now time for all us to take the ‘Bull by the Horns’ take matter into our own hands and start helping ourselves and helping one another as American Citizens. 

We must unite as a country, at let the powers at be know we are a strong country of people who will band together, to protect our families, foundations, and our country! Enough, is enough America, many citizens including myself as the Founder/Owner of CABIRI, had to realize nothing will change unless we all support one another as ‘Fellow American’s’ and stand together as ONE! 

I’m asking for any and all American Citizens who are tired of all the ‘Political Bureaucracy’ and the unfair injustice in America! Please help support “Luv Thy Neighbor” the organization is for you and your families, so we all can start reaching out to our community citizens and helping them, the goal will be to develop programs to assist those in our families, and neighborhoods, with immediate services, the Government is failing to provide for our families!

America, we have no idea if anything is safe in our country anymore, Food, Drugs, Cars, Children, or privacy! It’s a shame that a mother had to choose between a job interview and her children, having to leave them in a car, so she could get a job just to feed and support her children! American Citizens we can let things like this continue to go on! We are a strong country and must start “Standing Together” “Uniting” to help one another! 

Please help support and fund “Luv Thy Neighbor” a Non-Profit develop to solely for the American people! CABIRI, is seeking help from Entrepreneurs, Businesses, Organizations, Community Leaders, Investors, to help spread the organization all across America, to start helping all American communities and families in need! 

Please go to below link if you’d like to view business plan of “Luv Thy Neighbor”! 

Luv Thy Neighbor

Thank you for standing up to help support your ‘Fellow Americans!’ Please contact Candance Camper @ 561-444-5988 or Email: consumer2savlives@gmail.com! Let’s get it going America! 



One thought on “URGENT MESSAGE! “Luv Thy Neighbor” – Let’s Start Supporting One Another America

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    America if any of you missed this please take the time to read and pass
    along to all you know that are willing to step up to the plate and help
    There American country and all American families that need our help
    and support! Now more than ever the political turmoil is not helping
    any of us, we are paying our tax paying dollars for a lawsuit against OBAMA, what is that going to do for us Nothing!! The republicans sneakingly added a tax on airfare recently, of course we all know this is
    for there lawsuit funding, this is one of many tax increases they will try
    and impose on U.S. citizens which impact all American families! Please
    let’s start standing up for ourselves and protecting our families, if we don’t work together and do it who will? CABIRI will be here to “Lead” all American families through the process! We care about you not about
    Money-Greed & power! Please do what you can and let’s get going we
    have a lot of work to do!


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