Google-Facebook-Twitter! African Americans Uneducated Assumption

America, Google-Facebook only have 2% of African-Americans working at there companies in Silicon Valley! Twitter is refusing  to give any statistical information! 

Why is that? Well guess what America, there are plenty of ‘Educated’ African-Americans in the world knowledge and education did not stop at whites! 

This is a truly unfair and disturbing assumption!  The ‘Owner/Founder of CABIRI,’ happens to be a  ‘Woman Owned Minority,’ ‘Social Media business’ which has gained  the attention of many followers, in America and  internationally within a 7 month period of time and doing very well and growing very quickly! So how does this make the owner less educated and not worthy and unable to work for any of these corporations? The stereo-typing has to stop in America this is one of the major problems between ‘White and Black American Citizens!’ CABIRI’s owners background and knowledge comes from working in the corporate world  for 25yrs., on the ‘Executive’ level along with a college education! So how is this any ‘Less educated or unprofessional?’ 

This can be construed as ‘Corporate Racism’ against African- Americans! Which by the way another shocker, although someone’s skin is brown  they could actually be of a mixed race such as, Black-Indian-White! These corporations are portraying one skin  color as being African-American, which is incorrect! Also, many did not come from ‘Africa’ and never been there, many are of mixed race and are Americans, which is no different than a ‘White’ mixed American or White!

Americans need to realize the world is made up of many races for a reason, and this doesn’t make, ‘Less say people of color’ being that many didn’t derive from ‘Africa’ any less worthy, uneducated,  professional or knowledgeable! The ‘Racial Corporate’ discrimination in ‘America’ is actually holding back many people of color keeping them below poverty level, giving them lower paying jobs, salaries along with not promoting them,  basically undermining telling them you are not worthy, educated, smart, or talented enough to work for our corporation or own a business for that matter. This is plain ‘Ignorance’ and they to are the one’s uneducated if they go back to the true ‘History’ of America! 

Why is there mixed races in America? Well America, Indians were here first then came along many other races, whom started intermingling with one another which made America a racially diverse country. America was not strictly made up of the ‘White Race’ please understand they couldn’t of made America to what is today without the help of many races, which includes people of color! Also realize  many Slave women of color and Indians were the nannies for many white children, so where did they truly get there knowledge from? These are ‘American History’ occurrences all Americans should think about before discriminating against the same people of color who ‘Helped Develop America and Raised many White Children!’

America, please stop discriminating against all people of color, your assumptions are wrong and disheartening, unfair and plain hurtful! There are many qualified educated, talented, corporate professional people of color, including some who have ‘Ivy League Education’ and ‘Own Businesses’ or are ‘Entrepreneurs! 

America please “Stop” judging a book by it’s cover and discriminating against all people of color, everyone in America has to learn to work together as a country instead of color labeling a specific race! No other country is like that , this is why many international Non- Americans are coming over to the United States, taking over our country while  sending American money back to their countries!  It’s our own faults and stupidity!

Please think about this American born citizens before you discriminate against a person with brown or dark-skin! Corporate racial injustice must stop this is not helping America! 

Thanks for reading and supporting CABIRI!